Whether you want to enrol in the process to obtain the HR award ,or your institution has already been awarded and you need to transfer your file to the HRS4R e-tool, the HRS4R e-learning module will help you understand the process, the timelines and the forms to fill in for each and every HRS4R phase.

This e-learning module is composed of 6 chapters and 70 videos, each of them containing detailed step-by-step instructions and information to help you along the way.

Each chapter consists of one or more videos. By selecting a specific video in one of the chapters, you will navigate to a playlist, from which the rest of the videos of the same chapter will play automatically. You can return to the table of contents anytime you want to watch a different chapter, based on your interest.

Enjoy the HRS4R e-learning experience!

HRS4R e-learning module

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Following completion of this section, you will:

  1. Know where to find templates, guidelines and other useful information
  2. Learn more about the Charter and Code
  3. Find out how to contact us for help
  4. Discover our privacy and data protection policy