Whether you want to enrol in the process to obtain the HR award ,or your institution has already been awarded and you need to transfer your file to the HRS4R e-tool, the HRS4R e-learning module will help you understand the process, the timelines and the forms to fill in for each and every HRS4R phase.

This e-learning module is composed of 6 chapters and 70 videos, each of them containing detailed step-by-step instructions and information to help you along the way.

Each chapter consists of one or more videos. By selecting a specific video in one of the chapters, you will navigate to a playlist, from which the rest of the videos of the same chapter will play automatically. You can return to the table of contents anytime you want to watch a different chapter, based on your interest.

Enjoy the HRS4R e-learning experience!


HRS4R e-learning module

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These series of webinars are envisaged as a “hands-on” approach and are intended to serve as a support material for the already existing HRS4R related content published in this e-learning module. This material will support institutions during their application process in the HRS4R to obtain the HR Excellence in Research Award.

The list of webinars currently available are: