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Career Orientation Tool

Career Orientation Tool

The "No limits" toolkit for researchers highlights resources to help you explore careers for researchers, including advice, quizzes, information and much more.

Find out your needs, values and motivations and plan your development.




Career Handbook

Career Handbook for Young Researchers

A Career Development Plan will allow you to expore your possibilities and set career goals.

As a young researcher, you need to plan your next steps carefully from an early stage.







Virtual webinars & trainings

One can never learn too much! We offer a series of virtual seminars from one of our mentoring programme. Access for free and learn more about soft skills, project management and other competencies that can help you boosting your research career.



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out of academia

Industry Career Development Module

This module is designed for independent researchers to explore opportunities for working in other sectors. It will provide information about working outside academia, available careers in other sectors, provide inspiring career sotries and practical guide and advice.







Scientific Entrepreneurship

Thinking about valorising your research results?

The manual for Scientific Entrepreneurship will help you learn about the major steps for research results valorisation and you will get practical tips, links and recommendations.




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Mentoring Programme for 3rd country researchers

International Mentoring Programme

Take part in the Mentoring Programme "Shape the future of a researcher coming to Europe" and sharpen your professional and interpersonal skills by mentoring researchers coming from outside of the European Research Area. Find interesting and international networking opportunities while you support rearchers' integration in another country.






PIPERS Project Career Kit

PIPERS Project Career Kit is a collection of external learning resources in the topics of enterpreneurial skills, information literacy, disciplinary working, IPR, leadership skills, managing a research career, professional development, public engagement, researcher self-assessment, market exploitation of research results and working with industry.


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Intercultural Assistant Tool

A new culture is a new experience. This tool is designed to help you adapt and integrate in a new cultural environment, when you have moved or are planning to move to a foreign country. Test and develop your intercultural competence and learn how to become a part of a new community, while reaching your research goals and making the best out of your new job.





Talent Development Suite

The Talent Development Suite (TDS) is a tool to assist postdocs with personal career development planning. Unlike other existing career support tools, it does not evaluate researchers' skills and abilities, but focuses on a researcher's vision.

The TDS is structured into four different assessment sections called "Future", "Present", "Past" and "Personal Journey Map". Please remember that the TDS is not only about your professional life, but also about your private life.






Update your profile

Many research organisations are looking for researchers with experience. Make sure that you keep your EURAXESS profile up-to-date.


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During its exploration of how the network can support researchers in their career development, EURAXESS arrived at a number of recommendations that are aimed at researchers directly.

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