Whether you want to enrol in the process to obtain the HR award ,or your institution has already been awarded and you need to transfer your file to the HRS4R e-tool, the HRS4R e-learning module will help you understand the process, the timelines and the forms to fill in for each and every HRS4R phase.

This e-learning module is composed of 6 chapters and 70 videos, each of them containing detailed step-by-step instructions and information to help you along the way.

Each chapter consists of one or more videos. By selecting a specific video in one of the chapters, you will navigate to a playlist, from which the rest of the videos of the same chapter will play automatically. You can return to the table of contents anytime you want to watch a different chapter, based on your interest.

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HRS4R e-learning module

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Following completion of this section, you will be able to

  1. Have a clear overview of the Implementation phase
  2. Fill in and submit the internal review for interim assessment
  3. Understand the assessment process and the possible outcomes

After the successful submission of your Internal Review using the HRS4R e-tool, you proceed to the next level of the process, which consists of two separate steps:

First, the administrative eligibility check of your application, performed by the European Commission

And secondly, the assessment of the application, performed by a group of external experts

The administrative eligibility check is intended to validate an application in terms of its compliance with the application procedure.

For example:

  • All formal requirements are met
  • Templates are completed in the HRS4R E-tool
  • The OTM-R Checklist was also filled in by your organisation
  • Templates contain sufficient information for the application to be further assessed
  • Etc

The check has nothing to do with the quality of the data provided, but with the quality of the application as a whole, as suitable or not for the interim assessment. Your organisation will be informed if the application is compliant and has passed the administrative eligibility check within four weeks after submission.

If the application is considered non-compliant, you will be required to update it, based on the feedback provided by the European Commission. In this case, your organisation’s task is moved backwards on the process flow and the templates of the initial application can be further edited.

If required to make changes in the application templates, you will have to resubmit the updated version of the application within two months, after it receives the outcome of the administrative eligibility check.

The assessment of the application is the second step of the Interim Assessment phase and can only be initiated if an application has passed the administrative eligibility check. At this stage, progress and quality of the actions and accompanying measures are being assessed.

The outcome of the Interim Assessment is included in the consensus report, which is the official feedback that you will receive in terms of the Internal Review. It is also based on a standard template, and it includes customised recommendations in terms of the implementation of the HRS4R procedure.

Your organisation will have access to the consensus report in your HRS4R dashboard on EURAXESS, following an email notification.

Once again, your organisation is not in jeopardy of losing the "HR Award" but receives important recommendations on how to continue the implementation of the revised action plan for the next 36 months.

At this stage you may also receive a warning in case your organisation is not deemed to sufficiently progress or if there is a lack of evidence.

You just achieved your first Interim assessment. The HRS4R process will then further run in a cyclical way, with new Internal Reviews, similar to the one for the Interim Assessment, every 36 months for Award Renewal, and alternating the organisation of site visits.