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Researchers in Motion


Find out how the European Research Area supports researchers of Ukraine.

Given the unprecedented situation Europe has been experiencing due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the European Commission launched a dedicated website including information on the latest developments and actions, general advice, useful contacts and links, statistics and various other topics of interest for citizens and institutions.



Interested in research projects and initiatives to tackle the spread of coronavirus and preparedness for other outbreaks?



For country-specific information, browse EURAXESS National Portals or contact EURAXESS support centers.


It is important that you rely only on authoritative sources to get updated information on the COVID-19 outbreak. Follow the advice of public health authorities, and the websites of relevant EU and international organisations: ECDC and WHO.


More information:

The European Union and its partners hosted an international pledging marathon during May 2020. The Commission registered €9.8 billion in pledges from donors worldwide during the Coronavirus Global Response pledging event. This included a pledge of €1.4 billion by the Commisison, to ensure the collaborative development and universal deployment of diagnostics, treatments and vaccines against coronavirus.



Follow official sources and get involved:

European Commission 

European Commission

European Commission 


Tweets by health authorities in Member States


Unsure about the stories you read ? 




EURAXESS - Researchers in Motionis a unique pan-European initiative delivering information and support services to professional researchers. Backed by the European Union, member states and associated countries, it supports researcher mobility and career development, while enhancing scientific collaboration between Europe and the world.

EURAXESS is also your gateway to Science4Refugees, a Commission's initiative helping refugee researchers find suitable jobs in today's challenging research landscape.Part of the initiative, is the Science4Refugees Research Buddies, supporting refugee scientists in finding European researchers to discuss problems, find solutions and study together, by matching their research field, scientific studies and interests.


EU-ASEAN Youth Summit
13/12/2022 - 13/12/2022

Join us at the EU-ASEAN Youth Summit, 13 December

On 13 December, the next generation of leaders from Asia and Europe will meet in Brussels to discuss the global challenges both continents face.


An interdisciplinary scheme for young creatives of various specialities aimed at developing prototypes of activities and innovations that could be later implemented in Ukraine.

Call for evidence on the EU Youth Strategy interim evaluation process

The call for evidence on the EU Youth Strategy interim evaluation process is now published and available on Europa in 24 languages:
18/10/2022 - 18/10/2022

HRS4R Info Day 2022

The webstreamed sessions are available at this link. To access them, please use this password: hRs4R18102022

Jobs & Funding : Working environment

Make the move!

Are you changing jobs or moving to another country and not sure what to expect? Are you looking for funding ? All the information you need – from the start of your career to retirement – is at your fingertips in WORKING ENVIRONMENT.

Jobs & Funding: Science4Refugees initiative

Our mission: help you get started in Europe.

In October 2015, the European Commission has launched the Science4Refugees initiative to help refugee scientists and researchers find suitable jobs that both improve their own situation and put their skills and experience to good use in Europe's research system.


Jobs & Funding : Career Development

Work on your growth strategy!

EURAXESS supports you through the process of planning and implementing action steps towards your career goals, with the help of its Career Development Centres, useful information, training resources and many more to come!


Redefine success, together!

Are you looking for collaborators? PARTNERING is the collaboration tool that helps you find partners in business, academia, as well as entrepreneurs and researchers.

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Information & Assistance

Free personalised assistance

EURAXESS provides practical support to researchers and their families as they relocate for work. This can save employers time and money by helping new recruits with their move abroad.

Gender Equality Plans

The European Institute for Gender Equality offers a clear definition of what a gender equality plan is for research organisation and higher education institutions according to the European Commission.

EURAXESS Worldwide

A global network

We live in an increasingly interconnected world. EURAXESS Worldwide offers researchers the opportunity to interact on a global scale. Whether you want to know more about European research policy, funding or further collaboration opportunities, EURAXESS Worldwide has dedicated teams across the world - ASEAN (focus on Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam), China, India, Japan, Korea, Latin America and the Caribbean (focus on Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia and Mexico), North America (Canada and US).

Additionally, a EURAXESS information website for Australia and New Zealand went online in June 2018.

Research Funding

Job & funding opportunities for researchers

Would you like to know more about EU research funding ? Discover the many funding streams available in Europe, from funding research consortia to individual grants.


The Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions (MSCA) support Researchers at all stages of their careers, irrespective of nationality. Researchers working across all disciplines are eligible for funding. The MSCA also support industrial doctorates, combining academic research with work experience in companies. Researchers can benefit from innovative training that enhances their employability and career development. In addition to research funding, researchers can benefit from experience abroad and in the private sector. Visit the MSCA website to get more information about various funding schemes and application requirements.


The European Research Council (ERC) funding schemes are open to top researchers of any nationality or age who wish to carry out their frontier research in Member States of the European Union or associated countries. ERC offers different types of grants: Starting Grants, Consolidator Grants, Advanced Grants and Proof of Concept. Check the ERC website for more information.