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Innovation Talent Platform


A gateway to opportunities within the European innovation ecosystem

Innovation Talent Platform is a EU-wide matching tool to help European businesses, including start-ups, to find the talents they need beyond EU. This is also an opportunity for entrepreneurs and innovators across the globe to find their way to the European market with their ideas in disruptive technologies.

Whether you are innovator, entrepreneur, or you want to become one, here you will find free and personalised assistance when relocating or starting a new business in Europe. The tools have been organised in three categories: funding opportunities, support services and coming to Europe.

Join the thriving Startup ecosystem

Get to know European Innovation Council, European Innovation Ecosystems, and European Institute of Innovation and Technology and their funding opportunities. We also offer support services to everyone wishing to come and start a business in Europe.

Europe is a fantastic destination for startups looking to expand their business. With a thriving startup ecosystem, access to funding, and a highly skilled workforce, Europe provides an ideal environment for entrepreneurs to turn their innovative ideas into successful businesses. Additionally, the continent boasts a diverse market with a wide range of industries, giving startups the opportunity to test their products and services in different markets.

Europe is also home to several startup-friendly cities, which offer supportive communities, excellent infrastructure, and a vibrant culture. Therefore, if you are a startup or an individual looking to start or grow your business, Europe is the perfect place to be.

Key concepts of startup entrepreneurship

11 questions and answers for every startup entrepreneur

Conventional entrepreneurship has always been a hit-or-miss proposition, because it is based on writing a business plan, pitching it to investors, gathering the team, introducing the product, and then starting selling it.

In contrast to this approach, Startup entrepreneurship uses experiments to confirm hypotheses, does not waste time over elaborate planning, values customer feedback over intuition and iterative design over traditional up-front design and development. It uses concepts like MVPs and pivoting to ensure the right path of the startup company.

Learn about the key concepts of lean startup entrepreneurship. Have a look at the 11 questions for every beginner startup entrepreneur at the right and start your journey!