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Mentoring is usually described as a relationship between a more experienced and knowledgeable person in an area of expertise (mentor) and a less knowledgeable person (mentee). This relationship is built in order to support the mentee in her academic, career, and personal growth.

A mentorship programme is a structured and formal way to establish these relationships between a number of mentors and mentees.

What we propose in this activity is an “industry mentoring programme” in which a research performing organization develops a programme to put young researchers in touch with researchers or highly skilled professionals working in industry.

Academic mentoring is widely spread throughout European universities and research performing organizations. However, mentoring programmes in which academic researchers are put in touch with researchers and highly skilled professionals working in industry is probably not that common.

  • FOSTERING DOCS: The Spanish Researchers in the United States of America Society (ECUSA) has launched a mentoring programme (Fostering docs) for their young researchers members working in the States. The programme puts mentees in contact with science professionals working in Spain in academia, industry, science communication or science policy in order to foster their career development. The programme runs for 6 months and its based on a virtual communication mentor-mentee. This programme is a good example on how not only research performing organisations but civil society groups can run a mentoring programme.
  • EURAXESS TOP IV: As part of the next EURAXESS H2020 project (EURAXESS Top IV), FECYT will be running an industry-mentoring programme in which we will come up with more in-depth recommendations on how to set up this kind of mentoring programme in your EURAXESS centre. Stay tunned!

Learn how other institutions apply mentoring programmes to engage with business partners and support intersectoral mobility:

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Summary of Academia-Business Engagement Case Studies

Joint Research
Commercial  R&D
Temporary Mobility
Industrial PhD
Sharing job offers
Consultancy for business
Sharing infrastructures
Researcher Career days
Alumni Networks
Industry Mentoring
Association Bernard Gregory
Bizkaia Talent
Christian Doppler Research Association
Ghent University
Innovation Fund Denmark
Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft Career Centre
Leiden University
University of Oxford
Royal Society
Science Foundation Ireland
University of Copenhagen
University of Nottingham