Open Research Europe to be launched in 2021

What is it?

Open Research Europe will be a scholarly publishing platform providing a full open access peer reviewed publishing service for Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe beneficiaries at no cost to them, during and after the end of their grants. The platform will enable rapid publication times and publication outputs that support research integrity, reproducibility and transparency and enable open science practices.

Why are we doing this?

Open Research Europe is a significant step towards ensuring that all Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe publications are fully open access. It is a publishing service for Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe beneficiaries at no cost to them, with quick publication times without editorial barriers, but with a rigorous and open peer review process. The open access model enables everyone to access the results: the global scientific community as well as the wider public. The platform supports reproducibility and reduces research waste maximising the value, impact and reach of the Commission’s funding.

When will it happen?

Open Research Europe will be accepting article submissions from autumn 2020, with the official launch planned for early 2021. Stay updated on the latest developments by signing up for alerts. You will be notified when the author guidelines for submission are available (summer 2020).

What is the scope?

All Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe beneficiaries will be eligible to publish any research outputs they wish to share across all fields of science and technology, which include: Natural Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Medical Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities.

Who's involved?

The Commission have contracted F1000 Research to provide the open research publishing infrastructure and editorial services for Open Research Europe. F1000 Research will work closely with three expert partners: Eurodoc, the Global Young Academy and LIBER Europe. Together these organisations will steer the project and ensure that many stakeholders are reached. This includes researchers from all disciplines and at all career stages, together with key intermediaries such as research librarians. The Open Research Europe platform will also benefit from the oversight of an independent Scientific Advisory Board comprising researchers of high scientific calibre.

Find more information about the initiative on the homepage.

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