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3rd Annual Meeting of European Scientific Diasporas in North America - 11 December 2017




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In 2014, EURAXESS North America launched the inaugural Meeting for the European Scientific Diasporas in North America (ESD). At the time, the aim was to provide a platform for European researchers and scientific networks in North America to meet, discuss and exchange concepts about their research projects, professional and personal development, as well as efforts to connect to Europe.

For the 2017 Annual Meeting, EURAXESS North America, in partnership with the Embassy of France, will celebrate and promote the Strides and Efforts in Science Communication within the European Research Area. In addition to the planned panels, the event will hold a full day expo inviting each diaspora and embassy to feature their efforts in the advancement of science communication both in and out of Europe.

In addition to the opportunity to network, ESD will, through the lens of Science Communication, focus on EU projects, European countries and finally European diasporas in North America:

  1. NETWORK: All-day EXPO of European Diaspora/Country.
  2. PROMOTE PROJECTS: Panel discussing the progression of ‘TOPs’ European Commission-funded projects;
  3. FEATURE COUNTRIES: Panel highlighting the EURAXESS –focused countries of 2017 Estonia, Greece, Luxembourg and Norway.
  4. ENHANCE DIASPORA Efforts: (a) Panel presenting latest developments of the Joint European Mentoring Initiative [JEMI] in North America; and (b) Panel launching Marie Curie Alumni Association Chapter of North America.


Date & Duration
- (8:30am - 6:30pm)
Embassy of France, 4101 Reservoir Rd NW, Washington, DC, 20007, United States
ESD17Science Communication


TIME 8:30-9:00 9:00-9:10 9:10-9:30 9:30-11:00 11:00-11:15 11:15-12:30 12:30-13:00 13:00-14:00 14:00-15:30 15:30-16:30 16:30-17:00 17:00-18:30
Registration & Coffee 
Opening RemarksMs. Viktoria Bodnarova, Regional Representative, EURAXESS North America
KeynoteDr. Minh-Ha Pham, Counselor for Science and Technology, Embassy of France in the United States
Importance of Global Networking and Investing in European Researchers Worldwide
Moderated by Dr. Ana Maestre (ECUSA - Spanish Scientists in teh US)
  • Mr. Xavier Eekhout (TOP II - FECYT, Spain)
  • Mr. Adam Molnar (TOP III - Bay Zoltan, Hungary)
  • Mrs. Foteini Ziogou (TOP IV - CERTH, Greece)
  • Dr. Minh-Ha Pham (Science Diplomats Club)
  • Ms. Viktoria Bodnarova (EURAXESS North America)
Coffee BreakSponsored by the MCAA North America Chapter
Joint European Mentoring Initiative: Engaging European Scientific Diasporas in North America
Moderated by Dr. Irina Ramos - Portuguese American Postgraduate Society - PAPS
  • Dr. Stefano Lami - Embassy of Italy
  • Dr. Gerry Alons - MCAA North America
  • Dr. Gerrit Roessler - German Center for Research and Innovation, New York
  • Dr. Dimah Mahmoud - EURAXESS North America
Reviewing the International Research Landscape in Canada: Insights and IssuesDr. Joseph Sparling (Chair, Canadian Association of Postdoctoral Scholars - CAPS)
Featuring the European Research Area (ERA): Estonia, Greece, Luxembourg & Poland
Moderated by Mr. Dietrich Wolf Fenner - German Academic International Network - GAIN
  • Ms. Helen Popp - Second Secretary, Embassy of Estonia
  • Mr. Theodosios Vallas - Minister Counselor for Economic & Commercial Affairs, Embassy of Greece
  • Mrs. Veronique Dockendorf, Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Luxembourg
  • Dr. Grazyna Zebrowska - Science & Technology Advisor & Mr. Matthew Stefanski - Press, Media & Public Relations Advisor, Embassy of the Republic of Poland
Launch of the Marie Curie Alumni Association (MCAA) North America Chapter

MCAA North America Chapter Management Team:

  • Dr. Gerry Alons - Boston University, Boston, USA & Radboud University, Nijmegen, the Netherlands
  • Dr. Catarina Ferreira - UFZ - Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research, Leipzig, Germany & Department of Biology, Trent University, Peterborough, ON Canada
  • Dr. Johannes Schoeneberg - UC Berkely, USA & Max Planck Institute of Biophysics, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • Dr. Iris Wiegand - Harvard University, Cambridge, USA & Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin, Germany
  • Dr. Frauke Zeller - Ryerson University, Toronto ON, Canada
  • Ms. Viktoria Bodnarova - EURAXESS North America, Washingon DC, USA
KeynoteMs. Tiffany Lohwater - Chief Communications Officer, Director of the Office of Public Programs, AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science)
Networking ReceptionSponsored by the Embassy of France


EXPO (full day): Tables for all the Scientific Diasporas in North America.

European countries interested in establishing a Scientific Diaspora are encouraged to have a sign up table to that effect. EURAXESS North America would be happy to facilitate the process. In case you are interested in having a table, please send us an e-mail to before 7 December 2017.



EURAXESS North America
Organiser address
1725 I Street NW, Suite 300, Washington, DC, 20006, United States