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MSCA PF - Find a host organisation in Europe


The 2022 call is OPEN and will close on 14 September 2022.

Note that under the new EU programme for research and innovation, Horizon Europe, the Marie Sklodowska Curie Individual Fellowship (MSCA IF) is renamed to MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships.

All details about MSCA PF at

Are you interested in a two-year postdoc stay in Europe funded by the European Commission to work on your dream project? Then the highly prestigious MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships be should be on your radar.

How to look for a supervisor in Europe to host your MSCA postdoctoral fellowship?

Latin American and the Caribbean-based researchers interested in doing a Postdoctoral Fellowship in Europe can submit a project to the MSCA PF call (more at

To apply for the fellowship the researcher has to secure the support of a host organisation based in an EU Member State ora Horizon Europe Associated Countrythat is willing to host him or her for the duration of the MSCA PF fellowship. The host institution can be public or private, from the academy or not.

Where to find host institutions?

1. EURAXESS Hosting portal

Interested candidates that do not yet have a partner organisation in Europe may search for organisations wishing to host foreign candidates for the 2022 MSCA PF Call on the EURAXESS Hosting portal following the link below:

MSCA hosting offers on EURAXESS Portal

Many hosting offers include the option of attending a master class to support candidates in the proposal preparation!

Examples of recent hosting offers (Expressions of Interest - EOI) in Europe from our database:

2. Explore your own network, ask your supervisor, contact any institution of your interest in Europe to discuss your project.

Any public or private institution, academic or not based in Europe can host MSCA PF. In case of Global fellowship, the third country institution is considered as a partner institution.

3. Use the MSCA matchmaking platform here

4. Look at the Partner search tool on the Funding & Tender Portal here

5. Watch the vídeos below with hosting offers by selected European institutions

In 2021, these institutions were invited by our colleagues from EURAXESS ASEAN to present their hosting offers, the respective eligibility criteria, and the available support structure during the drafting of the application proposal. The information is still relevant for the upcoming call.

Malta (Malta Council for Science and Technology)
Malta (University of Malta)

Turkey (Koç University)
Turkey (METU)



Express the interest of your LAC entity to host MSCA applicants

Researchers based in Europe have the possibility to carry out a postdoctoral stay in LAC or any other third country thanks to the MSCA Postdoctoral Global Fellowship. Why not at your university, research institute or company in LAC?

If you are willing to host Europe-based Marie Curie applicants, sign up your organisation with EURAXESS now and publish a hosting offer for free on the portal. Read here how to express your institution’s interest.



- MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships are open to experienced researchers from across the world.

- Applicants need a doctoral degree by the time of the call deadline with a maximum of 8 years of research experience after completing their PhD.

- All research areas can be funded. MSCA Fellows come from a wide variety of disciplines – from physics to linguistics, and from health-sciences to mathematical modelling.

- Fellowships are held in the EU or associated countries and last for one to two years. In the case of Global Fellowships, researchers have an outgoing period of up to 2 years to any country in the world, including in LAC

- MSCA PFs can also include a secondment period of up to 1/3 of the standard fellowship duration in another organisation worldwide.

- Not familiar with MSCA PF? Read our news piece at

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