Call to Brazilian active researchers temporarily join a team run by an ERC grantee (CONFAP & CNPq)

The call 2020 closed on 14 May 2021. Results here. Update will be published as soon as the next call opens.


The Brazilian National Council of State Funding Agencies – CONFAP and the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) invite researchers from Brazil to pursue research collaborations with Principal Investigators already supported through EU-funded European Research Council (ERC) grants.

With this call, Brazilian researchers in a wide range of scientific fields have the possibility to carry out research visits and temporarily join ERC teams in Europe. Scientific exchanges may start in the second semester 2021 and can be either performed on a more extended timeframe (i.e. lasting 6 to 12 months) or be divided in multiple and shorter visits (i.e. to perform joint experimentation or similar research activities). The timing of such exchanges may be affected by the evolution of the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Eligible researchers from Brazil will continue to receive their salaries and/or scholarship according to their institutional terms and conditions. The Brazilian State Funding Agencies participating in the present call or CNPq will provide support for travel expenses.

In 2020, 545 multidisciplinary research projects on the frontier of knowledge, financed by the ERC, are available for cooperating with and integrating Brazilian researchers. Some of these projects refocused their research to prioritise the search for solutions to the problems caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Visiting researchers from Brazil which shall be incorporated into the research teams of the ERC funded Principal Investigators (at the Host Institution of the ERC project), for the duration of the visit, may receive support from the ERC grant, and such funding shall be negotiated and defined by the ERC funded Principal Investigators and the researchers from Brazil.

Who may apply?

  • Active researchers from Brazil, holding a PhD, who are implementing research activities within Brazilian universities, institutes or research centers.
  • Additional eligibility criteria may be requested by the supporting Funding Agencies, which shall, in such cases, publish specific guidelines.

The following Funding Agencies joined the 2021 call*:

  • 1- FAPDF (Distrito Federal)
  • 2- FAPEAL (Alagoas)
  • 3- FAPEAM (Amazonas)
  • 4- FAPEG (Goiás)
  • 5- FAPEMA (Maranhão)
  • 6- FAPEMIG (Minas Gerais)
  • 7- FAPEPI (Piauí)
  • 8- FAPERGS (Rio Grande do Sul)
  • 9- FAPERJ (Rio de Janeiro)
  • 10- FAPES (Espírito Santo)
  • 11- FAPESC (Santa Catarina)
  • 12- FAPESPA (Pará)
  • 13- FAPESQ (Paraíba)
  • 14- FAPT (Tocantins)
  • 15- FUNCAP (Ceará)
  • 16- FUNDECT (Mato Grosso do Sul)

*Other Funding Agencies still might join this call.

The Brazilian State Funding Agencies participating in the present call or CNPq will provide support for travel expenses.

How to apply?

Eligible researchers must register on the online portal here. They will then be able to access information about the ERC grantees that expressed interest in hosting scientists from Brazil in their research teams. The Brazilian researchers are responsible for agreeing on the details of their research stay with the ERC grantee and then submit their formal proposal on the dedicated portal mentioned above.

The pre-selection of the scientists is done by the Brazilian funding agencies, without any ERC intervention (neither in the selection criteria nor in the selection procedure).

Call information here

Deadlines: the call closed on 14 May 2021. Results here

Additional resources:

  • Contact for assistance and support: confap.erc.ia@gmail.com.
  • This call is launched in the framework of the European Commission (EC) - Confap implementing Arrangement (2016) and the Administrative Arrangement between the DG RTD of the EC - CNPq-FINEP-CONAP (2018). More about the legal framework here.
  • More information on ERC grants, check out EURAXESS focus on ERC for Brazilian researchers here
  • More information on "ERC teams open to the world": https://erc.europa.eu/managing-your-project/set-and-develop-your-team
  • Check Prof Barone's experience in an ERC team in Europe:
ERC IA Brazil deadline extended



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