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Boost Your Career: Grants In Practice

Grants In Practice event series

Here, students, researchers and administrators can learn directly from experts and current grantees or alumni:

  • What types of grants there are and when are the calls?
  • What kind of documents and skills are needed for application?
  • How can researchers and institutions benefit?
  • How does the evaluation process work?
  • How to optimize your proposal, how to find hosts, and how things work once you get the grant!

This event series focuses --for now-- on the Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions (MSCA) Individual Fellowships (IF) and European Research Council (ERC) grants.


2019 Event: 2 days of ERC and MSCA IF grant proposal writing workshops in Tokyo!

The 2019 edition will tak place on June 11 (ERC) and 12 (MSCA IF) at the Delegation of the EU to Japan, Tokyo. This year several partner events will take place on the same week, includinga full-day science communication training on 13 June (more info on event webpage).

gip 2019 programme & registration here

2018 Event: 4 days of ERC and MSCA IF grant proposal writing workshops in Tokyo and Osaka!

The 2018 edition took place in Tokyo (9 July MSCA IF, 10 July ERC) and in Osaka (11 July MSCA IF, 12 July ERC). Each day was a full 9 hours of training and workshops for students, researchers and research administrators interested in improving their grant writing skills.

gip 2018 programme & presentation files here

2017 Event: full day ERC and MSCA IF workshop with professional trainers

In 2017, the event took place on 14 July 2017 at the Delegation of the EU to Japan in Tokyo. Two professional trainers members of the Horizon 2020 National Contact Point network and specialised in ERC and MSCA grants provided the >100 attendees with all the knowledge and technical know-how necessary to build excellent grant proposals.

GIP2017 programme, proceedings and presentations available here


2016 Event: JSPS Kakenhi, ERC, MSCA IF and RISE: interaction with grantees

In 2016, the event took place on 25 July.  We wish to thank all speakers, and the more than 200 researchers who participated to this content-packed day!




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