Call open in BELGIUM – doctoral and postdoctoral scholarship for Excellence IN.WBI & WBI.World


Two schemes are receiving candidacies under the programme:

- The first one is open to foreigners from any nationality, including Brazilians, wishing to enrol in a post-doctorate programme in a University of Wallonia-Brussels in the following fields:

  •  Transport and logistics;
  •  Mechanical engineering;
  •  Life sciences;
  •  Agro-industry;
  •  Aviation-space;
  •  Environmental technologies.

Other fields may be considered, including human sciences, and fundamental or applied research.

- Fellowships are also available for Belgian or resident students in the same fields as mentioned above to follow a doctorate or postdoctorate programme in a university abroad.

Both incoming and outgoing fellowships can be awarded for short term research (1 to 3 months).*

Deadline: Next cut-off dates for short-term stays: 1 May 2018; 1 October 2018

* Long term research stays are also available, but for 2018 the deadline has already passed.

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