MSCA-RISE Call 2018 Open

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Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE) funds short-term exchanges for staff to develop careers combining scientific excellence with exposure to other countries and sectors. RISE enables more interaction between academia and non-academic organisations within Europe and worldwide.

Who can apply?

This action is meant for organisations such as universities, research centres or companies - that propose a short term exchange to their staff. Proposals should include at least three partners, which can be universities, research institutions, or non-academic organisations. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are encouraged to participate.

Partner organisations should be from three different countries. At least two of these should be from the EU or associated countries. Partners from elsewhere in the world can also join.

Partners get together and propose a joint project. Proposals should highlight networking opportunities, sharing of knowledge and the skills development of staff members.

Research staff of any nationality and any career level (from postgraduates to experienced researcher) can undertake a secondment. Staff members working in managerial, technical or administrative roles can also be seconded.

What can be funded?

All research areas can be funded except those covered by the EURATOM Treaty.

What does the funding cover?

The grant supports the secondment of staff members for one month to one year. They must be engaged in or linked to research and innovation activities for at least six months prior to the secondment. They return to the sending organisation after the secondment, to pass on their knowledge.

Funding for a RISE project can last up to four years.

Who decides?

RISE projects are selected through an open competition and transparent, independent evaluation, using a series of pre-determined criteria as set out in the Work Programme and its General Annexes.

How do we apply?

Proposals are submitted in reply to the Call for Proposal which is now open. The closing date will be 21 March 2018.

All related information such as the Guide for Applicants and full eligibility criteria can be found here: https://ec.europa.eu/research/participants/portal/desktop/en/opportuniti...