How to improve your science communication skills - tools for researchers available here

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Researchers need a range of science communications skills ranging from the ability to prepare a coherent project proposal to being able to explain to other researchers and non-researchers about their work. Being able to communicate their research effectively can help scientists write better research papers, secure research funding, and even find a job.

For two weeks in September, EURAXESS ASEAN and Thailand’s National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) co-organised eight workshops across Thailand designed to improve the proposal writing and science communication skills of researchers in Thailand and ASEAN interested in strengthening their research collaboration with Europe. These workshops were organised with the support of the Thailand-Europe Policy Dialogues Support Facility.

Dr Sanna Fowler, who led the science communication workshops, has prepared a series of Idea Books on science communication which are attached. These are designed to be used a tools by researchers wishing to improve their science communication skills. Topics covered include how to explain your science  to non-experts, how to be an effective presenter, and how to use infographics. We hope you find these Idea Books useful!