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Dr Jenny Lind Elmaco elected as new Chair of the SEA Chapter of the Marie Curie Alumni Association


The Southeast Asia Chapter of the Marie Curie Alumni Association has a new Chair! Dr Jenny Lind Elmaco was elected to lead the chapter during the last AGM held in Jakarta in late May. The Marie Curie Alumni Association (MCAA) is promoting an active community of researchers brought together by past or present mobility experience under the European Commission's Marie Curie programme. EURAXESS ASEAN met up with Jenny to find out what is in store.

Congratulations on your new role! How did you become involved in the MCAA?

It all started when EURAXESS ASEAN gathered Marie Curie scholars from the region for a meeting in Bangkok. It was my first time to meet fellow MCAA fellows and it was such an enriching experience as Susanne and Simon (both of EURAXESS) really took the effort to get our ideas on how to strengthen the network. I met so many brilliant people who were not only passionate about their work, they were also committed to encouraging others to nourish the same dedication to science and research. I've been a fan of my colleagues since I met them. And every year, when we meet during the Assembly in the region and the General Assembly, I always am humbled being in the presence of the most incredible minds who are also great people!

As the new Chair, what are your plans for the chapter?

I would really love to see a stronger collaboration across regional networks of MCAA. I think we can benefit a lot if, for example, the Spanish chapter creates a learning hub with the SEA chapter. I also would like to strengthen partnerships with the private sector and civil society. Our discoveries not only have to be ground-breaking, but they also should address global issues that plague our planet today. We should harmonize scientific breakthroughs with the attainment of the sustainable development goals.

Which highlights can the chapter members look forward to?

We have a very strong team comprising the Chapter and we have had a brainstorming session in the last Assembly. We plan to have regular conversations with the scientific communities in SEA and link scientists with the Ministries, the international community and to create future collaborations on projects of common concern such as climate change. We will continue working closely with EURAXESS, the Delegation of the EU in SEA and the EU Commission. We will also hold EU Research Days and help out with our National Science and technology celebrations.

How do you see your role?

My role is primarily as a connector and facilitator. I link former and current fellows and encourage them to continue being excited about research and to forge a sustainable and mutually beneficial alliance. I also link partners with our group so as to find ways to enhance researcher skills as well as to find ways to connect.

How would you describe yourself in a tweet?

Jen is the southpaw with a mission, eternally curious, multi-hyphenate who loves science but also music and culture. She is peace and governance strategist and an International Development, Innovation and Business Sustainability Consultant.

Thank you Jenny!


Dr Jenny Lind Elmaco is Director of the Office of Strategic Partnerships at Silliman University. She is also the MSCA National Contact Point for the Philippines.


About the MCAA

Membership of the MCAA is free of charge, and open to any past or present Marie Curie researcher, i.e. any past or current beneficiary of funding under any of the past or present schemes proposed as part of the European Commission's Marie Curie programme, which encourages international mobility among researchers.  Around 110,000 researchers have already benefitted from the programme and this number is rising fast.

The Southeast Asia chapter of the Marie Curie Alumni Association was officially launched in Singapore on 12 June 2017. The chapter  frequently organises events to inform researchers across ASEAN how they can benefit from the opportunities offered by the MSCA.

MCAA SEA chapter