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PhD Program in Earth, Climate, Environment and Planetery Sciences


End of April, Mid-May
Research Field
Formal sciences
Natural sciences
Funding Type
Mobility Incoming
Career Stage
First Stage Researcher (R1) (Up to the point of PhD)



Geosciences / Environment / Planets / Pollution / Natural resources management / Greenhouse gases / Paleoclimate / Geochemistry / Geophysics / Geomorphology / Geodynamic / Biogeosciences / Space exploration / Climate change / Remote sensing / Climate modelling / Instrumentation.



This program provide students a cutting edge training through research projects concerning the superficial envelops (hydrosphere, atmosphere) of the Earth and the other planets and their interactions with the subsurface in a context of strong societal challenges (climate change, pollution, natural resources…) using multiple approaches from field work to space missions and numerical modelling.



The program is open to students of the Earth Sciences, Planets, Environment major at Paris-Saclay, but also to graduates of other masters programs at the University of Paris-Saclay, in France and abroad.



More informations about my eligibility here :…

Find the proposed thesis topics here :


For this program, each doctoral school has set a different deadline :

- End of April (SMEMAG/AAIF) to mid-May (SEIF)

How to apply to ED AAIF 

How to apply to ED SMEMAG

How to apply to ED SEIF : Candidates contact by e-mail the thesis directors of their choice in order to present their application and to discuss the subject of the thesis 

Each thesis director organizes at least one interview with the candidate and sends by e-mail to the laboratory director the file he/she has selected.


Organisation name
Université Paris-Saclay
Organisation Country
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