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MRes Studentship 18 months

“Trade-offs in sexual selection and cognition”

Why do individuals vary in their cognitive abilities? EVOECOCOG, an ERC funded project, takes the disciplines of cognition and evolutionary biology into a natural setting to answer this question. It aims to do this by investigating a variety of proximate causes and population-level consequences of individual cognitive variation using a great tit Parus major population.

This MRes position will explore potential trade-offs between traits involved in pre-copulatory and post-copulatory sexual selection and their relationships with mating success and cognitive ability. The student will perform laboratory analyses of sperm sampled from male great tits in the breeding season to measure sperm quality and viability, and then relate this to mating success by performing paternity analysis using a newly purchased state-of-the-art DNA sequencer. These measures will be compared to measures of signal quality and cognitive ability to detect potential trade-offs among these traits.

The chosen study system, the great tit Parus major, is one of the most widely used in Europe, and consists of 12 subpopulations across deciduous and conifer woodland fragments in Co. Cork, Ireland. A recent state of the art aviary is also available for experimental study at the School of BEES.

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To apply please send by email to Prof. John Quinn, j.quinn@ucc.ie a CV, details of 2 referees, and an accompanying 1 page letter. The letter should outline your relevant experience, explaining why you want the studentship.

Dates: Application deadline is 28 February 2018. Interviews will be held in person or by Skype within 1 week. Start date is 1 April 2018 or sooner!

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