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R&D Engineer or Researcher on combined experimental - numerical research of torrefied biomass combustion

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    Established Researcher (R3)
    Recognised Researcher (R2)
    19/03/2017 23:00 - Europe/Brussels
    Spain › Zaragoza

The candidate will participate in the project SteamBio funded by the European Union under the H2020 Program (Grant Agreement number 636865). The work activities will be focused on leading research activities with different technologies of thermochemical conversion for several types of biomass. We seek also professional with skills in project management.

Two main thermochemical conversion technologies are involved in the project ((SteamBio – H2020): torrefaction and combustion. The candidate will lead the computational fluid dynamics simulations of biomass combustion in industrial furnaces and/or lead combustion tests of fresh and torrefied biomass with different combustion technologies. The main tasks will be to design the experimental trials, tests execution, data analysis and technical report elaboration. The candidate experience will be taking into consideration to focus his contribution on numerical or experimental activities.

Project activities can require a temporary stay in the DEMO site where a new torrefaction reactor will be tested at industrial scale.

The ability to work both as part of a team, and independently, coupled with excellent communication, organisational and problem-solving skills is required. The duties/ responsibilities of this post include detailed liaison with our project partners or other stakeholders of the biomass sectors, developing and shaping the research as results emerge. The ability to write up work carefully for presentation and publication will be taking into consideration.



We offer a permanent position for you to join a high-tech internationally recognized Research Centre in which your talent, passion and expertise will be fostered. Our flexible and modern working environment offers you a range of possibilities to take initiative and show responsibility. This is your opportunity to contribute to the technology that will enable a sustainable society for tomorrow, taking part of a young team, with high development potential in a highly collaborative working environment.

In addition to Excellence, CIRCE’s values are based on Compromise, Integrity, Respect and Persons Development. In this line, CIRCE is committed to employ disabled individuals and encourages them to apply. Furthermore, CIRCE is aiming for a higher proportion of women in technology and science, so we ask qualified female technologists and scientists to apply. Finally, CIRCE supports a family-friendly workspace. Therefore, applicants with children are highly welcome.

Gross Salary: 30.000 - 39.000€

Selection process

Interested candidates should send by email to Circe (rrhh@fcirce.es)

  1. Full CV in Europass format and 1 page summary
  2. Motivation letter (2 pages limit) indicating the motivation, understanding and knowledge on the topic of the position as well as its possible relation with the previous research experience of the candidate. In addition, please, indicate the following information:
    • Describe the modeling tools you have used, as well as the work you have performed with regarding modeling and simulation
    • Specify the equipment and processes you have modeled and simulated.
    • Specificy the experimental tests or field works you have performed.
    • Indicate the clients you have work for (if confidential, please, indicate their profile).
    • Identify in which events (e.g. Congress, Workshops for R&D results presentation, Infodays, etc.) you have participated.
    • Indicate if you have represented your entity or research group in any sector related association or forum (e.g. Technology plarform, Congress Committee, Fairs, Exhibitions Standardization bodies, etc.).
  3. Electronic copy of the three more relevant publications of the candidate (peer reviwed articles, published deliverables, public reports, scientific news, etc.);
  4. Up to three contacts persons that could act as references if needed.

Please send the email with the topic "[Biomass Experimental & Numerical]".

Applications will be continuously evaluated upon reception, and phone interviews will be organised with the selected candidates until the position is filled. Writting and speaking tests may be organized either face to face or online. Travel expenses for attending face to face interviews wil be covered if finally organized.

For any additional information, you can send an email to rrhh@fcirce.es

Required Research Experiences

    EngineeringThermal engineering
    4 - 10

Offer Requirements

    Engineering: Bachelor Degree or equivalent
    Environmental science: Master Degree or equivalent
    ENGLISH: Excellent
    SPANISH: Good


  • High technical capability, analytical and problem solving of different physics areas to create and implement innovative solutions to industrial problems.
  • High autonomy and ability to work independently developing experimental tests with thermochemical conversion reactors, preferably with experience in fluidized bed technology and/or experience in computational fluids dynamics simulations of combustion processes.
  • Peer review publications and congress communications is not compulsory but it will be valued.
  • Skills and initiative to promote new projects ideas and proposals with experience in the preparation of new public and private projects.
  • To be organized and methodical.
  • To have the ability to take initiative, prioritize and work under set deadlines and pressure.
  • To be flexible and open to new challenges.
  • To be analytical and problem solver.
  • To have the ability to work independently and in a team.
  • To have capacity to interact and build strong relations with diverse team members.
  • To have good communication skills.
  • The candidate must be oriented to the organization objectives.

Specific Requirements

  • At least, 2 years’ experience in combustion facilities/plants as process or R&D engineer and working with client focused problems.
  • Previous experience in process simulation softwares: ANSYS-FLUENT, ASPEN, EES and/or MATLAB
  • At least, 2 years’ experience working with the technical execution and proposal preparation of R&D&i research projects as R&D Engineer or Researcher.
  • Previous experience in fuel characterization as well as skills for the analysis of the ashes and deposits produced in the biomass combustion
  • Demonstrable experience designing and/or implementing innovative solutions to industrial problems.

Chemical or Mechanical Engineering with Master degree related to Biomass Combustion field or similar.

Work location(s)
1 position(s) available at
Campus Río Ebro, Calle Mariano Esquilor Gómez, 15

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