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Gender Equality Plans

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Gender Equality Plans

Learn the basics 

What is a Gender Equality Plan?

The European Institute for Gender Equality offers a clear definition of what a gender equality plan is for research organisation and higher education institutions according to the European Commission. It outlines the different steps or phases of a gender equality plan, namely the analysis, planning, implementing, and monitoring phase.

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A word from the European Commission

Horizon Europe & Gender - Background documents

Learn from the European Commission's factsheets and strategies, about the current challenges related to gender equality and specific actions to reach it. Read about the policy objectives and actions to make a significant progress by 2025.

The EU Gender Equality Strategy presents policy objectives and actions to make significant progress by 2025 towards a gender-equal Europe. The key objectives are ending gender-based violence; challenging gender stereotypes; closing gender gaps in the labour market; achieving equal participation across different sectors of the economy; addressing the gender pay and pension gaps; closing the gender care gap and achieving gender balance in decision-making and in politics. The Strategy pursues a dual approach of gender mainstreaming combined with targeted actions, and intersectionality is a horizontal principle for its implementation.

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Do's and Dont's

How to setup and implement a gender equality plan?

The following documents present guidance on how to set up and implement a gender equality plan for research organisations to be eligible for applying to Horizon Europe Framework Programme for Research and Innovation 2021-2027 projects.




Learn from others

Best practices

This is an overview of best practices of projects that are ranging from the assessment of current policies to identifying and tackling gender biases and obstacles towards measures on how to reach gender equality. Also included are projects that deliver strategies to research organisation to development and implement as well as assess gender equality plans.

LIBRA is EC funded project which brings together ten research institutes in life sciences in ten European countries. Together with the support of an expert organisation on gender, they assess their current policies and procedures to identify gender biases and obstacles.

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