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Recommendations for early-stage researchers

A final recommendation has been created based on the activities from focus groups which allowed us to collect useful information about the knowledge, gaps and needs that PhDs and early stage researchers face when talking about scientific entrepreneurship. 

If you are a PhD or early stage researcher:

  • Be passionate but realistic about your start-up idea
  • Evaluate the potentiality of the idea and its market value from the very beginning
  • Get informed and perform some preliminary information search on the market potential, customers, IP rights, competitors, etc.
  • Seek help or assistance from experienced institutions or from helpdesks nearby
  • Find experts at local, national and international level
  • Get training on entrepreneurship issues (management, business plan, business development, patents, marketing, financial management, market research)
  • Improve communication and transversal skills
  • Be patient and do not give up at the beginning