Germany: Nine MSCA-PF opportunities in various scientific fields

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The University of Bayreuth is currently offering 9 opportunities to submit a proposal under Horizon Europe MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships (MSCA-PF), in the following fields:

  • Atmospheric chemistry, earth surface-atmosphere interaction
  • Inorganic cathode materials for alkali-ion batteries
  • Biomaterials processing, biofabrication
  • Environmental geochemistry, food chemistry
  • Soil sciences, agriculture, rhizosphere research
  • Food chemistry, chemometry
  • Material sciences, electrochemistry
  • Aquatic Geochemistry, biogeochemistry


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In order to be eligible for funding, two criteria are essential:

- Having completed one's PhD within the last eight years

- Not to have carried out activities (and/or lived) in Germany more than 12 months in the past 36 previous months


Application deadline: October 12th, 2021.


Why the University of Bayreuth?

The University of Bayreuth offers a dynamic environment for research and is internationally well connected. Many services are also provided to international researchers to make their stay in Bayreuth an excellent one, both on professional and personal level:

  • Welcome services: housing, visa, administrative support for an arrival in Germany…

  • Language courses

  • Intercultural and networking events

  • Family-friendly services


The University of Bayreuth is a human-size university. This means that you can easily get in touch with your peers and other communities. The city is also offering many cultural activities. Around the city, you have an easy access to beautiful landscapes, to other cities (ex. Bamberg, Würzburg, Berlin, Prague).