PhD candidate scholarship within NCN Preludium Bis project

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SUPER SHORT DEADLINE: 24th August 2020

As part of the PRELUDIUM BIS 1 project: New photochromic molecules

for the construction of photoswitchable molecular magnets (PI: Prof.

Dawid Pinkowicz) a commission established at the Doctoral School of

Exact and Natural Sciences (Jagiellonian University in Krakow) will

conduct recruitment for the Chemistry teaching programme in the academic

year 2020/21. After interviews and evaluation of the candidates, the

chairperson of the commission will present the director with a report

containing a list of candidates recommended for admission to the school

as part of the research project.

What is funded

The dunding includes a 4-years scholarship for the successful

applicant who will be admitted to the Doctoral School of Exact and

Natural Sciences within the Chemistry teaching programme and the

research costs (chemicals, glassware, laboratory equipment)


48 months


MSc degree in the field of chemistry (organic, organometallic or cooridnation chemistry)