EURAXESS Japan and MCAA are calling for Japan-based MSCA fellows or alumni interested in building an MCAA Japan Chapter!

About the Marie Curie Alumni Association

MCAA has nearly 11,000 registered members in our web portal. Members engage in networking, career development and public outreach through our 29 regional chapters and 10 working groups. In addition, our working groups also develop original content for webinars, workshops and conferences, develop communications strategies for MCAA, and lead science policy initiatives. MCAA is governed by an 11-person Board, elected by its members, of which I am currently Chair, and for which I previously served as an Ordinary Board member.

In terms of nationality, we have members from very many countries worldwide, but the top five nationalities are Italian, Spanish, German, French, and Indian in that order. As we are all about international mobility, most of our members are based outside their country of birth, and our top five countries for resident members are the UK, Germany, Spain, France, and Italy, again in that order. As for research fields, our top two areas are Life-Sciences, followed by Engineering, but the third place goes to Social Sciences and Humanities – so we are not all wearing white coats in laboratories.


About the call for interest to launch a Japan Chapter

Open Call for MCAA Chapters (excerpt from full call terms and conditions)

Publication date: 2nd November 2016

Deadline for submission of applications: 30th September 2019 (12:00 pm CET)


The Marie Curie Alumni Association invites its members to submit proposals for the set-up of Chapters. Financial support can be attributed, within the limit of the available budget. The MCAA Chapters can have a ‘geographical’ (regional, national or international) dimension, but cannot be focused on thematic areas, as each Chapter shall aim to:

 - Encourage local networking and to establish mutually-beneficial relationships between MCAA and its alumni within a defined geographic area;

 - Initiate activities that add value to the Alumni network and input to the general body;

 - Recruit, attract, support and facilitate connections between MC fellows and alumni;

 - Build networks with external partners

 - Sponsor and support activities that will enhance the image of MCAA.

The maximum sum that can be attributed to a Chapter is € 5000 (five thousand euros). The total amount to be allocated to a selected chapter is determined at the discretion of the MCAA Executive Committee. The allocated budget cannot be attributed retroactively, and all costs must be justified.


More info and questions: email us!