2017 in Retrospect - The Main Sino-European STI News from Past Year

EU-China Cooperation

Sino-European Research Cooperation

  • Chinese Academy of Sciences: 40 years of Scientific Co-operation with Europe! (CAS Newsletter).
  • French Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve visits Wuhan P4 Laboratory, praises joint effort in curbing infectious diseases (CAS Newsletter).
  • 13th EU-China Joint Steering Committee on Science and Technology Cooperation (European Commission | Research & Innovation).
  • EU-China Innovation Cooperation Dialog in Brussels (European Commission)
  • EU-China Summit: new flagship initiatives in research and innovation. . (European Commission > Research & Innovation)
  • CAS, JRC expand scientific cooperation (CAS Newsletter).
  • China and Europe to build a base on the moon and launch other projects into space. (Independent).
  • Global Encounters between China and Europe (GECEM) is the first project of a China-based researchers funded by the European Research Council(GECEM).
  • China, France and the Netherlands Renew Agreement to Strengthen Cooperation on Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence. (ia.cas.cn).
  • OFFICIAL LAUNCH OF ENRICH (European Network of Research and Innovation of Centres and Hub) in China. (SPI Website).
  • China-UK to jointly launch $1b investment fund . (China Daily)
  • Chinese-French satellite being finalized in Beijing for 2018 liftoff. (China Daily)
  • French president Macron to visit China from Jan 8-10, 2018. (China Daily)

EU Funding policy

EU funding policy


EU Research

State of European Research

  • Thinking outside the box: EU researchers help industry become more efficient (EU Commission R&I).
  • A capacity boost for Europe's fibre optic network (EU Commission R&I).
  • #WomenInTech organised the first ever coding session in the European Commission (EU Funding Trends).
  • A Facebook-Style Shift in How Science Is Shared. (New York Times).
  • Information on Synergy Grants 2018 by ERC Scientific Council (ERC Website).
  • A new approach to tackling drug-resistant bacteria. [European Commission]
  • Sun, sea and sustainability. [European Commission]
  • Scavenging renewable energy for 5G networks.(European Commission> Research & Innovation).
  • EU-funded researchers have developed Next-gen digital animation tools inspired by Chinese puppetry (European Commission)

China Research

State of Chinese Research

  • Results of the MarcoPolo Project presented at Tsinghua University. (Marcopolo)
  • China applies electric propulsion technology to newly launched satellite (english.gov.cn).
  • Chinese scientist Yao Tandong receives 2017 Vega Medal in Stockholm (China Daily).
  • China to build umbilical cord blood stem cell resource sharing platform (Global Times).
  • China Launched First Cargo Spacecraft Tianzhou-I (CAS Newsroom).
  • China Receives Data from First X-ray Space Telescope. (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
  • China Outlines Ambitions to Become World Leader in AI by 2025 (Caixin).
  • Data of China's first X-ray space telescope to be open to global scientists. [Xinhua]
  • Chinese will use 86 million virtual reality headsets within five years [South China Morning Post]
  • In landmark experiment, Chinese scientists beam back "entangled" photons from space [Global Times]
  • 'Combustible ice' lab approved by ministry (China Daily)
  • China to promote space remote sensing development in 2018. (China Daily)
  • Beijing to build technology park for developing artificial intelligence (China Daily)
  • Researchers find approach to cultivate high-manganese, low-cadmium rice. (China Daily)
  • Hong Kong research funding shortfall hits HK$12 billion (South China Morning Post).