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Falling Walls Lab Sydney - Open for Applicants from NSW, ACT, SA, VIC, TAS


The call for applications is now open for Falling Walls Lab Sydney. Students, researchers, and early-career professionals who are residents of NSW, ACT, SA, VIC and TAS are invited to apply with their ground-breaking research, business models, and initiatives from all disciplines.

Watch the Grand Finale

Selected participants are given the opportunity to participate in a pitch competition and present their work to peers, a high-calibre jury of experts from academia and business, and the general public. The winners will then compete with the other state finalists at the Falling Walls Lab Australia in Canberra on 5 September 2022 (organised by the Australian Academy of Science) to determine who will be representing Australia at the Falling Walls Lab Finale in Berlin, Germany in November 2022 and win a ticket to the Falling Walls Conference. At the global Finale, 100 finalists from all over the world compete to become the Breakthrough Winner in the Emerging Talents category of Falling Walls, taking home the title and prize money, and receiving the opportunity to pitch their idea once again on the grand stage of the Falling Walls Conference.

The aim of the Falling Walls Lab is to provide a diverse and interdisciplinary pool of students, researchers, and early-career professionals with a world-class platform that helps them drive their innovations, develops their communication skills, and connects them with each other, creating a global network and impactful and sustainable community of innovators and changemakers.

The Falling Walls Lab Sydney will take place on 23 August 2022 at 5:00 PM.

Applications can be submitted online until 11 August 2022.

*The lab is no longer accepting applications.


The Falling Walls Lab Sydney is hosted by the Federal Foreign Office of Germany, DAAD Information Centre Sydney and EURAXESS Australia & New Zealand and supported by the Australian Academy of Science.

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Eligibility Criteria

You must be 18 years or older when submitting your application. You must fulfil at least one of the following formal requirements:

  • You are currently enrolled in university

  • You are currently a postdoc

  • You received a Bachelor’s degree no more than 10 years ago

  • You received a Master’s degree no more than 7 years ago

  • You received a PhD no more than 5 years ago

* An MD (medical degree excl. a doctoral dissertation) is considered equivalent to a Master’s degree. A Dr. med. (medical degree incl. a doctoral dissertation) is considered equivalent to a PhD.

For questions:

Falling Walls Lab

Three minutes is all it takes! Falling Walls Lab is a world-class pitch competition, networking forum, and stepping stone that brings together a diverse and interdisciplinary pool of students and early-career professionals by providing a stage for breakthrough ideas both globally and locally.

The multifaceted formats support our participants in driving their innovations and develop their communication skills, fostering collaboration and creating a space for our impactful and sustainable community to thrive.

Throughout the year, renowned academic institutions around the world host international Falling Walls Labs to showcase the quality, diversity, and passion of their region’s most innovative minds. In three minutes each, participants are given the opportunity to present their solutions to some of the most pressing challenges of our time to peers, a high-calibre jury of experts from academia and business, and the general public.

Falling Walls Lab is organised by the Falling Walls Foundation and generously funded by Berlin’s Natural History Museum (global finale), and Google and Huawei (international Labs). It is supported by the Federal Foreign Office of Germany and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).


Date & Duration
- (Tue, Aug 23 2022, 5 - 7pm)
DIJON CEDEX, Australia



DAAD Australia and EURAXESS Australia & New Zealand