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    13/10/2022 20:00 - Europe/Brussels
    Multiple locations, see work locations below.


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We are looking for a Researcher, Privacy in Digital Health. Are you the one?




Creatively and systematically search new knowledge and document such knowledge based on your expertise in the area of data protection and privacy


Drive the succesful completion of the responsibilities of Stelar and act as central contact person in the research projects assigned to you


Investigate the design, selection and development of the specific technology concepts, architecture and components of the project assigned to you in the light of the goals of fundamental rights and legal requirements related to privacy and data protection


Independently apply scientific, deeply and granularly reference the latest progress of the work of research partners, scientific and normative sources and practice concerning privacy in the technology development lifecycle


Analyse documents written by research partners and external scientific and official literature


Draft specific proposals for solution/improvement of privacy issues/protection in the core technical work of the projects assigned to you, seek feedback and resolve comments and proposed changes, guide partners on how to implement your proposals and analyse their implementation


Highlight specialty and interests of Stelar


Write, coordinate and submit reports for approval by research partners


Lead and coordinate tasks, work packages and deliverables of projects assigned to you and report about its progress and document it, plan months ahead to meet the submission deadlines of deliverables


Organise meetings with research partners, chair consortium bodies such as ethics/privacy committees, register for meetings in time


Communicate with staff of research partners on a daily basis, align your work plan and goals, encourage constructive proposals


Represent Stelar at project-related events, create and give presentations, refer to research director in decision-making bodies


Lead auxiliary processes such as the Data Management Plan, IPR specification, ethics supervision


Contribute to international standardisation, European policy-making, commercial product development, communication of research results


Report to the research director


Proactively and continuously monitor and raise legal, ethical and management issues


Review results of your colleagues at Stelar, train newcomers


Work on shared document shared with research partners



We are looking forward to hearing from you.

More Information


About the job



Among other things, Stelar is a centre of competence for improving the understanding of how the protection of rights and personal data can be optimised in digital transformation and artificial intelligence applications.



In our projects we work in multi-disciplinary teams in law, ethics and computer science, with a network of professionals from academia, research, industry and governments, on an international arena in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, the Netherlands, the UK, Israel, etc.



Successful candidates will be working with the research team at Stelar on a variety of projects. You will experience leading European research and technology development in your area of interest, which will also add to your track record as a top-level expert in the field. A small organisation offers you autonomy, experience in more senior roles than you would have in a large company, getting noticed by decision makers, less monotonous work, finding abilities, strengths or interests you never knew you had, more direct contacts to important expert groups and major players in Europe.




We offer super work-life balance. Not only may you work remotely but you also decide when you work during the week. And because it is a position with 14 hours a week, you are even more flexible. Content-wise you may start leading work as soon as you feel ready. You will work with qualified, experienced and innovative people in these sunrise industries of digital health and cybersecurity, in projects like SHiELD [1], PANACEA [2] and Pharaon [3].

[1] www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSJrE5C1o8w

[2] www.panacearesearch.eu

[3] www.pharaon.eu


Salary depends on relevant work experience, e.g., if you have seven years eight months of it, for this position you will receive 2 862 euros gross monthly salary and we will pay approx. 1 575 euros for your pension and unemployment benefits and health and care insurance.


We limit the first contract to two years. During that period, we are open to consider career opportunities in terms of responsibility and fulltime, based on how consistently and well you collaborated with project partners throughout those two years.


The position will start as soon as possible.


Eligibility criteria

Master or equivalent degree in ICT law, technology/data ethics, security/privacy engineering, health informatics, data science or a related field required



Three years of relevant work experience in research required, experience in industry, regulation or policy is a plus, as are professional certifications in privacy and security and relevant experience as an ethics committee member, data protection officer, information officer, software architect


Selection process



Make it easy for our manager and researcher to evaluate your application. We expect certified copies of Bachelor and Master degree diplomas and transcripts in English, a complete CV, samples of papers you have written, an English two-page summary of the most important one, reference letters, a research objectives statement (how you intend to support improvement of privacy in digital health), and a relevance letter (how you meet the requried and preferred qualifications)


In your relevance letter please include collaborative projects with your level of responsibility, meetings and groups you chaired, the duration of relevant jobs with the average weekly working hours, and the language of the academic degrees and the relevant jobs.


Kindly note that you will be evaluated based on your research objectives, not (only) on past achievements; in other words your publication record is not the primary criterion. Your sample papers will be mainly used to evaluate how you adhere to the highest standards of research integrity. For the research objectives statement, the scope of the research is the following: Given the collaboration of numerous partners and complex technological systems, devices and datasets, what are the key elements involved in improving privacy protection in the design, selection and implementation of the technology addressed by the collaboration and then presenting conclusions in a clear way to non-experts and repeating the process a second and third time? You may take one of the three projects mentioned above as a basis.


Please send your application with a file size of no more than 15 MB in a common format within two weeks from now by email to ts [at] stelar [dot] de. We will extend the deadline if needed but the process stops when we find the right persons. We wish to start working with the most merited applicants as soon as possible. Please state your earliest possible entry date because we know relocation takes time.


We will do a remote screening and in-depth interview with an assessment for completion within a week, remote presentation of the results and a team fit assessment with other employees.

Additional comments



Germany is a great place to live. Move here if you don't live here yet. We don't care where you come from as long as you are the right specialist with a real interest in this job you may work where we are based, that is, the street leading to Germany's most prestigious building (Elbphilharmonie) but also anywhere else in Germany.


Offer Requirements

    Computer science: PhD or equivalent
    Engineering: PhD or equivalent
    Ethics in health sciences: PhD or equivalent
    Ethics in natural sciences: PhD or equivalent
    Ethics in physical sciences: PhD or equivalent
    Ethics in social sciences: PhD or equivalent
    Information science: PhD or equivalent
    Juridical sciences: PhD or equivalent
    Management sciences: PhD or equivalent
    Technology: PhD or equivalent
    Sociology: PhD or equivalent
    Neurosciences: PhD or equivalent
    Pharmacological sciences: PhD or equivalent
    Mathematics: PhD or equivalent
    Philosophy: PhD or equivalent
    Medical sciences: PhD or equivalent
    Physics: PhD or equivalent
    ENGLISH: Excellent


Required and preferred qualifications


Research integrity is a must


Experience in managing collaborative multi-disciplinary international research projects preferred


Strong coordination skills across disciplines and teams to collect and handle input in time is required, empathy, negotiation and conflict resolution skills are a must, as is the ability to work under time pressure, proven competence in leading teams in a research environment preferred, as is critical thinking


Experience in organising meetings, chairing working groups, strong communication, presentation and writing skills required


Must be comfortable working online


Experience working in multi-cultural work environments expected, especially, with countries involved in our projects (Spain, Italy, etc., see "about the job"), diplomatic skills and excellent communication with non-native English speakers are expected


Understanding of technological solutions, digital environments and data structuring is required, IP management and programming skills preferred


Unterstanding of demands from medicine and well-being is preferred


A good network in international research, industry or policy in the field of cybersecurity, health informatics, machine learning preferred


Very good proficiency in English required; as well as in MS Word, PowerPoint, SharePoint, common conf call apps


Willingness to travel within Europe a few times a year is required

Specific Requirements

Extensive knowledge and proven track record in data protection and privacy is required, knowledge in data ethics, cybersecurity and health informatics are considered advantageous, as well as in cryptography, FAIR, management systems, technical specifications and certification


Interest in research and strong commitment and ability to retain commitment over a long period of time is required, as is autonomy/independence, proactive thinking/doing, creativity


We strongly prefer interest and achievements in turning generic legal data protection principles into specific technical digital health specifications, or in designing or selecting healthcare standards in the field of privacy

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Stelar Security Technology Law Research
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Stelar Security Technology Law Research

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