Create Funding

Every organisation member can add a new funding offer on behalf of the organisation he/she belongs to.

You can access this option either by the Organisation's List button "Create Funding Offer" or from the My EURAXESS menu named "Funding Offers" where you can also see a list of all the funding offers created by your organisation and update the ones created by you.

The information you should complete is:

Provide information about:

  • Research field: Select the discipline of the funding. You can choose one or more of the following categories
    • Formal sciences : Mathematics, Computer sciences, Logic, Statistics, Systems science
    • Humanities: History, Linguistics, Literature, Performing arts, Philosophy, Religion, Visual arts
    • Natural sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth sciences, Space sciences
    • Professions: Agriculture, Architecture and design, Business, Divinity, Education, Engineering and technology, Environmental studies and forestry, Family and consumer science, Human physical performance and recreation, Journalism media studies and communication, Law, Library and museum studies, Medicine, Military sciences, Public administration, Social work, Transportation
    • Social sciences: Anthropology, Ethnic and cultural studies, Archaeology, Area studies, Economics, Gender and sexuality studies, Geography, Organizational studies, Political science, Psychology, Sociology
  • Funding type: mention the mobility of the funding (incoming or outgoing)
  • Career Stage: this classification aims to communicate the various characteristics that researchers may have throughout their career. It describes four broad profiles that apply to all researchers, independent of where they work in the private or public sector: in companies, NGOs, research institutes, research universities or universities of applied sciences. Regardless of any particular profession one can outline broad profiles that describe the different characteristics researchers may possess:
    1. First Stage Researcher (R1) - PhD candidate or equivalent. Early stage researcher with less than 4 years FTE research experience
    2. Recognised Researcher (R2) - PhD holder or equivalent, not yet fully independent. Experienced Researcher with more than 4 years FTE research experience or has a doctoral degree
    3. Established Researcher (R3) - Established Researcher with a developed level of independence. Experienced Researcher with more than 4 years FTE research experience or has a doctoral degree
    4. Leading Researcher (R4) - Leading his/her research area or field
  • Is the job funded through the EU Research Framework Programme? : If yes mention the EU Research Framework Programme.
  • URL: mention the website url where more information regarding the funding is available. You can add multiple websites using the button "NEW WEBSITE" for each new entry. 
    Note: you need to provide the url starting with "http://" or "https://"

Publish your funding offer

When you save your offer it automatically becomes "Draft-Non published".

To publish your offer you need to fill in all required fields sections and click "SEND FOR APPROVAL" at the bottom of the page. When your offer is accepted by the EURAXESS Helpdesk, it will be published.