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The Compliance with the REACH legislation and with the Classification and Labelling legislation, in the frame of the refining industry transition, with the inclusion of substances from renewable to the ones from fossil origin, is at the core of this Science Executive position. The work is directly linked to Concawe’s activities in the Product Stewardship Management Group (PS MG) and to the science development and compliance programmes for the substances managed by Concawe coordinated in the Reach Management Group (REACH MG). 

Who are we?

  • Concawe is the science division of an international non-profit association (The European Petroleum Refiners Association aisbl) whose mission is to provide research and technical support to the EU refining industry in the study of environmental, health, safety and toxicity issues relating to the refining of crude oil or renewable feedstock, and the distribution and use of petroleum or renewable products. Its goal is to improve the understanding of these issues by the industry, authorities, users and other interested parties.
  • The Association represents the interests of 38 Companies operating refineries in the EU. Members account for around 95% of EU refining capacity and more than 75% of EU motor fuel retail sales.

What do we offer?

  • Individual Training program, technology and professional skills development
  • Responsibility and autonomy in your area of expertise
  • A global view and concrete involvement on industry and societal challenges
  • International and dynamic multicultural environment
  • Competitive salary package complemented with fringe benefits
  • Enhanced work life balance (working from home, sliding working hours system etc.)

What do we expect from you?

The role of the Science Associate combines general duties with responsibilities specific to the field of the Concawe’s Product Stewardship Management Group regarding Product Stewardship, Classification and Labelling, Safety Data Sheet, Poison Center for petroleum substances. 

In addition to general duties and qualifications, the Science Executive for Product Stewardship must have specific technical  experience, knowledge and expertise as defined below which he/she will use to lead science and research work for the Association.

What would be your activities?

General duties

  • Comply with the governance rules of the Association and ensure that the Management Groups and sub-ordinate Special Task Forces (STFs) are aware of these rules; 
  • Support the Management Group Chair(s) and Vice-Chair(s) in the execution of their responsibilities and in the representation of the Association’s technical activities;
  • Facilitate and promote full cooperation between the STFs of the Management Groups;
  • Monitor developments within the scientific and regulatory communities with respect to his/her area of expertise;
  • Develop and implement the long-term strategy for the area of expertise and advise on improvements and adjustments;
  • Coordinate the development of the Management Group 5-year strategic plan and annual workplan with the Management Group and the Concawe Director; implement annual workplan as per Board approval;
  • Track and manage risks in the area of focus;
  • Develop the scope, review proposals and manage the execution of out-sourced research projects (including cost control);
  • Initiate tenders, facilitate selection of contractors, prepare contracts & monitor technical and progress for approved projects covered under the field of activity
  • Report progress and inform appropriate Management Groups and Scientific Committee as appropriate on all his/her activities;
  • Ensure that Concawe technical reports, briefing papers, articles etc., on topics related to the field of activity are drafted, reviewed and approved for publication in due time;
  • Serve as a technical expert and represent our industry in interactions with European and global bodies on technical issues in his/her area of expertise;
  • Represent Concawe and the refining industry at conferences, stakeholders' meetings and participate in technical working groups organised by the EU Institutions and other relevant bodies; 
  • Facilitate and coordinate Member Company expert participation in the different technical groups and raise resourcing issues with Science Director and Scientific Committee;
  • Gain an in-depth knowledge of EU and other relevant institutions decision-making processes related to the technical issues in his/her area of expertise;
  • Coordinate as appropriate with FuelsEurope, including active participation in relevant Issue Groups and technical support to advocacy work;
  • Cooperate with other Science and Policy Executives on overlapping or interlinked issues; 
  • Where required, supervise one or more administrative assistants, research associates, or trainees.

Specific research programmes and responsibilities

The Science Executive for Product Stewardship coordinates Concawe’s activities related to implementation of REACH and CLP regulations in the area listed below. The role involves:

  • Coordination of Concawe’s Product Stewardship Management Group (PSMG), advising and assisting the Chair and co-Chair in developing, prioritizing and co-ordinating the PSMG work plan
  • Coordinating and ² the activities of PSMG’s Special Task Forces (STFs) and Ad-hoc Groups, which per January 2020 are Classification and Labelling (STF-23), Mineral oils (STF-33), Safety Data Sheets (STF-22), Trading Ad-hoc Group, Poison Centres Ad-hoc Group;
  • Assisting Concawe director in coordination of the Concawe REACH Management Group (REACH MG): 
    • Organisation of the meetings
    • Recording minutes of the meetings
    • Action item follow up and dynamic update
    • Budget and work program tracking (timing, deliverables, cost)
  • Recommending the need of new STFs and Ad-hoc Groups under PSMG when required and closure when work is done
  • Coordination of the REACH budget across the Management Groups and Special Task Forces and the high level project management (tracking timing, deliverables, cost) of the overall portfolio of REACH projects
  • Participating as Concawe stakeholder representative in Commission, European Chemical Agency and ECHA Forum committees and working groups. These may include relevant ECHA groups like PetCo, RAC and the MSC
  • Co-operation with other industry associations and stakeholders related to implementation of REACH legislation for UVCB substances
  • Advise member companies in REACH and CLP issues

What is your professional profile?

Education & Experience:

Note: Please be informed that all the below listed points are desirable, however not mandatory – more of the below criteria the candidate meets = higher chances he/she has to be considered for this position

  • A science/engineering background and a proven track record in an oil refining industry, auto-industry, research institute or similar.
  • A good understanding of the impact of fuel quality on vehicle/vessel performance and emissions, with a demonstrated knowledge in one or more specific areas related to this subject.
  • A broad knowledge of the properties of petroleum and bio-based products,their manufacture and distribution, their influence on the emissions performance of on-road and off-road vehicles and the regulatory requirements governing their marketing and use.
  • A strong background in engine / combustion / aftertreatment technologies.
  • A good understanding of statistics: repeatability, interval of confidence, designs of experiments and statistical models.
  • Capacity to quickly learn and understand the refining, biofuel and transport industries issues.
  • Interest in the transition of the EU industry towards climate change ambition.
  • Sound understanding on the key GHG mitigation technologies and alternative fuel options.
  • Familiarity with Well-to-Wheels principles and modelling techniques to assess the CO2 impact of different technologies and alternative fuels.
  • Familiarity with the related pieces of legislation at EU level (e.g. EN 228 and EN 590, Euro 6/7, FQD, CO2 standards, RED II/III).
  • Some familiarity with modelling tools (modelling experience in this field is desirable but not essential), and an interest in acquiring a more in-depth knowledge and working relationships with those active in these fields.

Skills & Competencies

  • Experience and proven track record in a Member Company, the oil refining industry or similar
  • A good understanding of chemicals regulations (REACH, CLP etc.) and their impact on our industry’s substances and products
  • A broad knowledge of the properties of our industry’s products, their manufacture and distribution and their impact on human health and environment.
  • A sound understanding of chemistry of our industry’s substances and products and awareness of analytical methods
  • An awareness of the environmental permit process and human health risk management measures in the oil refining industry
  • MSc in chemical engineering is preferred
  • A team player with the capacity to effectively facilitate technical teams


  • Self-starter
  • Ability to work in autonomous way
  • Ability to adapt in multicultural environments
  • Comfortable with multi-tasking
  • Team-working spirit

Organisational Fit: Reports to the Concawe Director

The position is based in Brussels (Belgium)

To apply, please send your CV, your bibliography and motivation letter to: recruitment@concawe.eu

mentioning “CONCAWE Product Stewardship Science Executive” in the subject of your e-mail.

By applying for this vacancy, you agree that we use your personal data for recruitment purposes only. 

All your private information will be deleted from our files after the recruitment process.