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Joining forces to define the European Health Data Sharing Landscape for Research


Joining Forces

On 23 November, the HealthyCloud European-funded project will gather experts from the EC directorates of Health Food and Safety, Research and Innovation, Communication Networks, Content and Technology and various stakeholders and experts from fields of digital health and cloud computing in an interactive workshop in Brussels to define the future of European Health Data Sharing for Research with a view to informing the project’s Strategic Agenda, a one-stop shop Health Research and Innovation Cloud (HRIC) fair data portal.

Through its commitment to the European Health Data Space (EHDS) and a European Health Union, the EC is pursuing strategies to unleash the full potential of health data by exploiting available health data for sustainable and better public health systems across Europe.

Health data that is accessible and re-usable maximizes the impact of health research, and the digitalisation of health systems provides an opportunity to better generate, gather and apply data. However, important challenges remain include dispersed data generation, ethical and legal limitations, and technical obstacles, including the lack of structured information and limited interoperability across health domains.

Through this workshop, stakeholders will join forces to discuss their visions on the European Health Data Sharing landscape for research.

EC directors will provide their insights into the policy challenges of building the future of health data sharing and the HRIC.

Researchers will also provide their perspectives on what is missing and what is needed to improve health research and its translation to health care by strengthening and extending the use and re-use of health data, all within the context of the EHDS and the European Open Science Cloud.




Date & Duration
Brussels, Belgium
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