IDIH Week 2021

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    01/06/2021 - 19:00
    Belgium, Brussels
    04/06/2021 - 23:00

IDIH Week 2021

A 4 days online event dedicated to researchers, innovators, care providers and users associations dealing with Digital Health for Active and Healthy Ageing (AHA).  

Information, Networking&Matchmaking, and Co-creation sessions among all the key-stakeholders of digital solutions for AHA in Europe, Canada, China, Japan, South Korea and USA.

This event is part of the activities of the European project IDIH - International Digital Health Cooperation for Preventive, Integrated, Independent and Inclusive Living

Global funding programmes presentation and international cooperation opportunities based on Digital Health for AHA, and these main topics: 

  • Preventive Care

  • Integrated Care

  • Indipendent and connected living

  • Inclusive Living

Who can participate and why?

If you are a researcher, an innovator or an industry player, or you represent a care provider or a users association, you will find opportunities for partnerships and internationalization during effective one-to-one meetings, as well as information on funding programmes supporting international cooperation in the field of Digital Health and AHA.

    4 days | 3 sessions

    Visit the following pages to know more about the agenda of the IDIH Week and how you can participate: 


    APRE - Agenzia per la Promozione della Ricerca Europea

    Mathilde De Bonis



    Bruno Mourenza


    Info Day | June 1st 2021

    The analysis of funding schemes supporting international cooperation in Digital Health and AHA is part of the activities of the IDIH Consortium and provides findings to inform about opportunities for projects and initiatives between the EU and the 5 IDIH strategic countries (China, Canada, Japan, South Korea, and USA).

    These information have been collected in 2 Guidebooks, soon available here:

    • Guidebook for RDI stakeholders

    • Guidebook for Care Providers and Users

    During the Info Day, after a briefing on the IDIH project and its latest outcomes, the 2 Guidebook will be presented by the IDIH Team in detail, providing the participants with an overview of the current funding opportunities there collected.

    Moreover, representative from National Funding Agencies (from China, Canada, Japan, South Korea, and USA) managing the programmes open to international cooperation in the field of Digital Health & AHA will be invited to present the funding opportunities and the related application procedures.

    Q&A final session will follow to address the request for clarification and further information by the participants/potential applicants. 

    How to participate in the Info Day | Register in the IDIH Week and add the Session 1 in your Agenda. The Info Day will take place online on Webex, you will have just to click on Join the Online Session in your Agenda


    Partnering Day 1 | June 2nd, 2021 

    This first day will be dedicated to the presentation of the project ideas and expertise of the participants. The IDIH Team will collect the Flash Presentations of the participants who will apply to have a pitch on this first Partnering Day.

    To present your organization/project idea, use this Template and send it to idih@apre.it by May 15, 2021 (max. 6 slides).

    How to participate in the Partnering Day 1 | Register in the IDIH Week and add the Session 2: Partnering Day 1 in your AgendaThe Partnering Day 1 will take place online on Webex, you will have just to click on Join the Online Session in your Agenda


    Partnering Day 2 | June 3rd, 2021 

    This second Partnering Day will be dedicated to B2Bs (one-to-one meetings) already scheduled through the use of this platform. Participants will meet virtually to evaluate potential cooperation. To explore potential partners, participants will browse other Participants mainly through their Areas of activity, as they result from the clusterization of the funding opportunities promoted by IDIH project during the Info Day, as well as other filters. 

    How to participate in the Partnering Day 2 | 1. Register in the IDIH Week and add the Session 2: Partnering Day 2 in your Agenda

    How to participate in the Partnering Day 2 | 2. How to schedule and have a meeting? It's easy! Visit the page B2B| How it works, you will find step-by-step instructions.


    Innovation Day | June 4th, 2021 

    This session will be opened by the presentation of the IDIH Forum and its current results, as part of a first plenary session by the project team and the Experts Groups Chairs. Selected regional stakeholders will lead then the discussion within 4 parallel co-creation thematic sessions, each one dedicated to one of the IDIH Strategic Topic:

    Participants in thematic sessions will be invited to present themselves and their work related to the specific themes of the co-creation sessions before discussion. Specific tools and methods for facilitation and co-creation will be used.

    How to participate in the Innovation Day | 1. Send your short bio at idih@apre.it by May 15. Please specify which is the thematic session you would like to join and if you are interested in co-moderating the discussion.

    How to participate in the Innovation Day | 2. Register in the IDIH Week and add the Session 3 in your AgendaThe Innovation Day will take place online on Webex, you will have just to click on Join the Online Session in your Agenda