Group Leader (Visiting Researcher) in the Quantum Technologies - Laboratory University of Warsaw, Poland

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Project description:

The aim of the project is to establish the Centre for Quantum Optical Technologies whose mission is the exploration of specifically quantum phenomena, such as superpositions and entanglement, to develop new modes of quantum information processing and transmission, metrology, sensing, and imaging with long-term prospects of their practical utilisation.

Key responsibilities include:

  • establishing and supervising a research group in the area of quantum optical technologies;
  • organising and carrying out research effort that will place the Centre at the forefront of scientific developments at the world-wide scale;
  • dissemination of results to the scientific community and public and large;
  • seeking possible industrial connections.

Profile of candidates/requirements:

  • a doctorate in a discipline relevant to the research agenda pursued at the Centre;
  • outstanding research achievements reflected by the publication record;
  • leadership skills required to direct a research group;
  • openness to internal and external collaborations.

Required documents:

  1. curriculum vitae;
  2. research record with a full list of publications;
  3. description of research plans, including innovation potential and possible prospects to establish industrial connections;
  4. supporting statement specifying how the candidate meets the search criteria and can contribute to the operation of the Centre at large;
  5. three reference letters from senior researchers familiar with candidate’s work sent directly to the e-mail address: qot-director@cent.uw.edu.pl before the application deadline;
  6. consent clause for processing personal data in the application process, signed and scanned, or electronically signed, that can be downloaded from http://qot.cent.uw.edu.pl/positions/ .

(all document should be sent as pdf files attached to a single e-mail message except the reference letters)

Please submit the following documents to: qot-director@cent.uw.edu.pl 
Please use “Group Leader application” in the title of the message

Application deadline:15th February 2021

Deadline for the competition:

It is planned that the candidates will be notified by end of 25th February 2021 about outcome of the first stage of recruitment process. The information about the results of selection procedure will be sent by e-mail. Interviews (remote or in person) for short-listed candidates are planned for 4th or 5th March 2021.

The competition is the first stage of the procedure of recruitment for an academic teachers set out in the Statute of the University of Warsaw, and its positive result provides a basis for further proceedings.