European Capital of Innovation Award

Six cities remain in the final stage of the iCapital Awards to become the European Capital of Innovation (iCapital) 2020 following an intense evaluation phase.

A high-level jury of independent experts selected the six finalists after thorough interviews with twelve shortlisted cities.

News alert: European Capital of Innovation Awards (iCapital) 2020: six cities in the running for the title

Join us at the European Research and Innovation Days (22-24 September) to discover the 2020 European Capital of Innovation winner and the five runners-up announced by Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, Mariya Gabriel.

What is the European Capital of Innovation (iCapital) Award?

This is an annual cash prize awarded to the European city that is best able to demonstrate its ability to harness innovation to improve the lives of its citizens.

In particular cities that

  • contribute to open and dynamic innovation ecosystems
  • involve citizens in governance and decision-making
  • use innovation to improve the resiliency and sustainability of their cities

Why is there a prize?

This prize enables European cities to showcase their contribution to developing local innovation ecosystems for the benefit of businesses and the wellbeing of their citizens.

Prize value

€1 million to the city named European Innovation Capital of the year.

€100,000 to each of the five runner-up cities.

The award also recognises a number of finalist cities specially acknowledged for their efforts in promoting innovation.