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MSCA ITN Syn2Psy – PhD positions in Neuropsychiatric research

Syn2Psy’s mission is to provide advanced (PhD-level) training to early-stage researchers in the molecular, synaptic, circuit and behaviour basis of neuropsychiatric disorders.

Syn2Psy is recruiting 14 early stage researchers (ESRs) to develop the various Syn2Psy proposed research projects through a doctorate degree. The ESRs will receive advanced training-through-research in cutting-edge topics related to synapse pathology and neuropsychiatry disorders and a broad range of key scientific and transferable skills that will ultimately make them top-level candidates for research-driven positions in the academic and non-academic sector.

WHO? The following eligibility criteria apply:

  • Master degree (M.Sc. or equivalent graduation). Applicants should not hold a PhD degree and must be in the first 4 years (full-time equivalent) of their research careers prior to the recruitment.
  • Fluency in English language (spoken and written) corresponding to at least level B2 on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages is required.

By combining interdisciplinary and intersectoral expertise, Syn2Psy will thus prepare future leaders to address the challenges of the 21st century associated with mental healthcare research and public engagement.

Deadline: 15 May 2019.

MSCA ITN Lowcomote PhD in Industry Driven Software in Engineering

Lowcomote is an international project aiming at training 15 PhD students, with the potential to become the leaders of tomorrow engineering of low-code development platforms.

Low-code development platforms allow non-programmers to build full applications by interacting through dynamic graphical user interfaces, visual diagrams and declarative languages. Low-code development platforms (LCPD) are software development platforms on the Cloud, provided through a Platform-as a-Service model, which allow users to build completely operational applications by interacting through dynamic graphical user interfaces, visual diagrams and declarative languages.

Lowcomote will train a generation of experts that will upgrade the current trend of LCPDs to a new paradigm, Lowcode Engineering Platforms (LCEPs). LCEPs will be open, allowing to integrate heterogeneous engineering tools, interoperable, allowing for cross-platform engineering, scalable, supporting very large engineering models and social networks of developers, smart, simplifying the development for citizen developers by machine learning and recommendation techniques.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Master degree in Computer Science or equivalent providing access to PhD programs.
  • English proficiency must be attested either through a previous English language diploma, or an internationally recognized proficiency test (at least C1 level)
  • Please note that, further essential or desirable requirements may be detailed in each PhD position

The 48-month Lowcomote project will train the first European generation of skilled professionals in LCEPs.

Deadlines vary according to each PhD position until 31 May 2019.

MSCA ITN MIDA "Mediating Islam in the Digital Age" – PhD positions in Social and Human Sciences

The MIDA project rests on the premise that digitisation and technological innovations have a tremendous impact on Islam, the effects of which are diverse and ubiquitous. They include first and foremost modes of expression and communication of religious messages and traditions and modes of engagement with society.

The MIDA project aims to train 15 creative, entrepreneurial, and innovative researchers in social and human sciences through an interdisciplinary research programme, whose main objectives are to understand the tremendous influence that digitisation and technological innovations have on Islam.

Successful applicants cannot have resided in the country of PhD matriculation or of recruitment institution for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately preceding the engagement date.

The MIDA project is resolutely inter-sectorial, interdisciplinary and international. It is to foster research on Islam, and even expect to have a major impact on European policy and society. With Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions’ help, our emerging international network is structuring itself to become an essential actor in European innovative research in the field of Islamic studies.

Deadline: 1 June 2019.

MSCA ITN for Next Generation Training and Sequencing of Virome (INEXTVIR) – PhD positions in Natural and Social Sciences

The project seeks to generate a better understanding of viral communities and their role in agricultural ecosystems by using the latest advances in high throughput sequencing (HTS) technologies coupled with modern big data analytical approaches and socioeconomic analysis and communication based on societal requirements and concerns. The main objectives are:

  • To define the virome present in selected agricultural crops across Europe using cutting-edge High-throughput sequencing (HTS) technologies.
  • To understand the biological impact virus communities, have on the biology and ecology of farming systems.
  • To improve virus detection capabilities in plant health and certification settings thorough the development and validation of HTS methods including the use of novel sequencing technologies (e.g. Nanopore sequencing) and development of bioinformatics approaches based on AI and machine learning.
  • To assess the agronomic and socio-economic impact of the virome and translate it into practical decision tools for different stakeholders including policy makers, plant health bodies, diagnostics industry, agricultural sector and society.

Successful candidates will have natural or social-science based research interests and will participate in a transdisciplinary network of research and training aimed at accelerating the start of the applicants’ scientific career.

WHO? They are looking for 15 Early Stage Researchers (ESR), with a background in either life sciences and related studies (biology, agronomy, biotechnology, bioinformatics) or social sciences (e.g. Psychology, economics, communication sciences, geography, decision-sciences).

Successful candidates will have a strong interest in one of the following fields: plant virology, bioinformatics, virus ecology and epidemiology, agriculture, socio-economics, societal communication, policy and regulation.

Deadline: 15 May 2019.

MSCA ITN TICARDIO – PhD positions on the project Thrombo-inflammation in Cardiovascular Disease

In the European Joint Doctorates (EJD) program ‘Thrombo-inflammation in cardiovascular disease’ (TICARDIO), four beneficiaries have formed a strategic alliance, based on complementary expertise and previous fruitful and strong cooperation, to unravel multifaceted mechanisms of thrombo-inflammation. TICARDIO will train the next generation of biomedical researchers in excellent laboratories of major multidisciplinary research hubs.

PhD degrees will be issued jointly by two University partners for each ESR, this will require the ESR to split their time between institutions and be mobile across the network. As part of the ITN network, ESRs will participate in various training activities organized by the network and secondments at partner institutions.


  • Researchers may be of any nationality.
  • Innovative Training Networks are limited to researchers who, at the time of recruitment by the Home Institution, are in the first four years (full-time equivalent research experience) of their research careers and have not been awarded a doctoral degree.

Deadline: 31 May 2019.