ERC 2021 Advanced Grants results announced

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The European Research Council (ERC) announced today the winners of its 2021 Advanced Grants competition. The funding, worth in total €624.6 million (approx. USD$664.5m / CAD$851.9m), will go to 253 leading researchers across Europe. Their work is set to provide new insights into many subjects, such as using mathematics to find better ways to use antibiotics and chemotherapy, how to protect the biodiversity of islands, exploring the Cosmic Dawn, and understanding how language sounds change over time. 


There are 17 grantees from outside of the European Union and Associated Countries, including three from Canada and six from the United States. Note that for privacy purposes, grantees can choose whether to share their details or not, and there may be additional winners from North America who opted not to include their information.


ERC competitions are open to researchers of any nationality and, in this round, 28 different nationalities won funding. 1,735 applicants submitted proposals, of which 20.8% were female researchers. The share of women among researchers awarded Advanced Grants has been steadily increasing from around 10% in 2014 to more than 25% in the latest competition.


See the full list of grantees and their host institutons here. See a list of ERC 2022 call dates here.


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