'Well-being at work: the importance of mindfulness' webinar series

    24/08/2021 - 12:00
    France, LAC, Online
    EURAXESS LAC, Inspiration Meditation

Well-being at work: the importance of mindfulness

Facilitator: Lucie Jiraskova

This series of four workshops provides tools and strategies based on mindfulness to support well-being, to develop resilience and leadership skills such as flexibility. Such tools and strategies have never been so important and vital as in today’s period of crisis.

The workshops will explore mindfulness methods and exercises that independent research is continuing to show have a positive impact on reducing stress as well as improving health and well-being at work. Studies have also shown that mindfulness exercises result in an all-round improvement in mental health (including less anxiety), increased memory, less absenteeism, better interpersonal relationships at work and a boost in resilience to difficulties encountered at work.

The workshops will be based on moments of exchange and sharing between participants, all in a caring atmosphere to encourage listening to oneself and exploring one’s own possibilities and resources.

mindfulness series LAC

1st session: Well-being at work

Date: August 24th 2021, Time: 12:00 MX, CO & 13:00 CL & 14:00 AR, BR

In the first workshop, we shall look at the psychological aspects of well-being. Through simple meditation exercises, you will discover how much digging at the present moment into the atemporal (or unaffected by time can) offer new possibilities for coping with stressful situations, enabling you to see more clearly and to view issues as a challenge, not a problem or an obstacle. By cultivating an open, positive attitude to difficult experiences in life, you will reinforce your power of resilience.

With the other participants, you will identify and analyze your stress factors (or stressors, “stimuli that causes stress”) and learn mindfulness techniques to deal with “toxic” stress.

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2nd session: Focus and Calm

Date: August 26th 2021, Time: 12:00 MX, CO & 13:00 CL & 14:00 AR, BR

The second workshop will help you to become more aware of the effect of absent-mindedness and distraction on your attention at work. As Richard Davidson wrote, “a wandering mind is an unhappy mind” but, fortunately, simple exercises that bring us back to full consciousness can help to develop our powers of concentration.

Research has shown that mindfulness meditation is an efficient way of training self-regulation – it increases the ability to recognize the start of daydreaming and, thus, to bring us back to what we should be doing.

Studies have confirmed that, by living in the moment, people become more satisfied with their life. Developing mental calm also helps us to act more discerningly.

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3rd session: Awareness of Body and Mind

Date: August 31th 2021, Time: 12:00 MX, CO & 13:00 CL & 14:00 AR, BR

The third workshop will focus on our body and our awareness of it that contributes to one’s well-being. Participants will learn how paying attention to the body supports attention efficiency and cultivates stability.

We shall explore the ability to momentarily separate both the physical sensations of discomfort and the thoughts that describe them. This exercise helps to identify the different types of pain. In the same way, we shall examine how a negative narrative, a source of internal stress, can be turned around by focusing on our body.

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4th session: Emotions and their Regulation

Date: September 2nd 2021, Time: 12:00 MX, CO & 13:00 CL & 14:00 AR, BR

The fourth workshop will focus on emotions and their role when facing challenging moments.

Recent scientific research indicates that the practice of mindfulness influences the emotional equilibrium of work colleagues that translates into enhanced performance and engagement. Neuroscientists have also shown that this practice contributes to better empathy with others – colleagues feel emotionally engaged and that their contribution is better appreciated.

Sometimes, our emotions take over and we get carried away. Can we succeed in controlling them when emotions overwhelm us in difficult situations? In this final workshop, we shall look at how to identify our emotions and, above all, to accept and incorporate them into everyday life rather than deny them or react uncontrollably. Such awareness leads to better integration into reality and to meet the challenges of your life more successfully.

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