Visiting Professors opportunities in Hungary, at the Széchenyi István University (SZE)

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Aim of the project

  • Involvement in teaching on English-taught courses (Bachelor's or Master's) at Széchenyi István University for 4 months in the Autumn or Spring semester of the academic year
  • Creation of professional (research) contacts with members of SZE’s academic staff
  • Establishment of an international research network; involvement of SZE’s academic staff in international professional organizations
  • Increase in number of Scopus-registered (Q-ranked) journal publications produced jointly with international researchers
  • Further enhancement of educational quality at Széchenyi István University


Applications may be submitted by: Individuals possessing a PhD degree as a minimum qualification and with experience of internationally recognized teaching and research activities

Tasks required of the visiting professor:

  • involvement in teaching on Bachelor's or Master's degree programmes offered by Széchenyi István University
  • involvement in teaching on a doctoral programme (WAMDI, MMTDI, SzEEDS),
  • participation in monthly meetings organized by supervisor
  • participation in monthly Faculty committee meetings
  • participation in monthly internationalization meetings
  • production of at least one Scopus registered journal article during the 4-month period of the visiting professorship. For publications produced together with SZE co-authors, minimum requirements are submitted status and Q-rated
  • Availability in offline and online media

Documents required for submission:

  • Copy of passport
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Degree certificates and annexes (electronic copy required for submission of application, apostilled or verified copy if successful)
  • list of publications
  • Certification of English language proficiency for the purposes of teaching and research (a certified copy of a language proficiency document, apostilled or verified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or proof of teaching and research activities carried out in English on the basis of a curriculum vitae)

In the case of a successful application, employment conditions will be as follows:

  • Mode of employment of visiting researcher: contract of employment
  • Széchenyi István University will provide accommodation via its own infrastructure
  • If required, Széchenyi István University will provide assistance in obtaining visas and residence permits
  • The tax and contribution obligations on the remuneration are subject to the current legislation and international coordination regulations

How to apply:

  • Submit the application form and the required documents electronically to international@sze.hu with the subject "Visiting Professor Application" (Documents required: application form, copy of passport, CV, diplomas and language proficiency certificates, list of publications)
  • If the application is successful, please send a certified or apostilled copy of the diplomas and annexes by post (to Széchenyi István University – Centre of International Programmes, 9026 Győr, Egyetem tér 1.)

Other information:

  • Széchenyi István University accepts applications as an accredited research organization
  • A four-member committee (consisting of the Chancellor, the Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs, the Vice-Rector for International Affairs and the President's Delegate for Social Relations) will evaluate the applications received and recommend the successful applicant for a visiting professorship. The Committee will be chaired by the President's Delegate for Social Relations.
  • Visiting professors are welcome to attend the undergraduate and master's degree programs listed on the website below: Admissions - International Programmes (sze.hu)

Application deadline: For applicants for the 2021/22 Spring semester: 30 November 2021