Post-doc positions in the academic and the private sectors of life sciences and environment, in France - ApogeeBio programme (MSCA)

The ApogeeBio programme, supported by the European Commission, intends to launch 3 international calls from 2021 till 2023 for a total of 24 fellowships for experienced researchers (ER) with hosting possibilities both in the academic and the private sectors of life sciences and environment.

The ApogeeBio post-doctoral fellowship programme gives you an opportunity to join a research team at Genopole, a leading French biocluster for academic research and innovation located just south of Paris. This 1st call and related conditions and documents is open for application <https://apogeebio.genopole.eu/>. In brief, it offers:

  • 8 positions open with a salary up to 3000 € net/month for 24 months
  • If you are interested and before any application, it is your responsibility to contact the hosting teams directly and propose your project to the team leader
  • Here are the different research domains of Genopole and the list of hosting teams
  • The call is strictly dedicated to international mobility toward Genopole campus; if you want to pursue your postdoc OUT OF Genopole campus, DO NOT APPLY to the programme

Explanations by ApogeeBio coordinator, Roxane Brachet, Head of academic partnerships in Genopole biocluster

About Genopole

Genopole is a pioneering biocluster dedicated to genomics and biotechnologies in healthcare and the environment. The biocluster is located in the city of Evry, France, about 30 kms south of Paris. On its five campuses comprising 115,000 m² of buildings and facilities, the biocluster unites academic research laboratories, higher education institutions and private businesses.

The interdisciplinary scientific orientations open to the fellows contribute to several RDI domains in both the academic and private sectors via the 18 academic laboratories and 77 private companies at Genopole. The main strategic areas are genomics, regenerative medicine & biotherapies and synthetic & systemic biology. These are applied to healthcare and the environment and include a large panel of disciplines.

The applicants will have the choice among 14 academic laboratories and a potential of 83 companies, all located in Genopole biocluster. The academic hosting laboratories are all supervised by large national research organisations such as Inserm, CNRS, CEA, Généthon and by Higher Education Institutions including the University of Evry–Paris Saclay and the Institut Mines-Télécom. Science Accueil and ABG-Asso are partners as well in this programme.

Who? Eligibility:

The programme is intended to enhance and stimultate the international mobility toward Genopole biocluster. In order to apply to the ApogeeBio fellowship programme, the applicants have to demonstrate that they are responding to the following binding eligibility criteria presented in the table below. It will be also the responsibility of the hosting team to check that the application of the candidate is in line with the requirements.

  • Diploma: On the date of application, the candidate should be in possession of a PhD degree or have 4 yearsexperience as researcher; he/she must have at least one publication in the first 3 authors (either accepted, in press or published).
  • Seniority: Candidates can apply within 4 years from obtaining their PhD degree or from the end of their 4 years research experience. This time limit is considered at the application deadline and is extended by one year per pregnancy, parental leave or national service
  • Research topics: Total freedom is given to the applicant to design the research project and to choose the most appropriate host institution among partners
  • MSCA Mobility Rule: Researchers must not have resided or carried out their main activity (work, studies, research mobility, internships....) in the country of the recruiting beneficiary for more than 12 months, successive or not, in the 3 years immediately before the application deadline. Compulsory national service, short stays such as holidays, and time spent as part of a procedure for obtaining refugee status under the Geneva Convention are not considered in this mobility rule, they are allowed. A declaration of honour on mobility rules will be requested.
  • Nationality: The call is open to researchers of any nationality.
  • Formal proposal criteria: Any application after the precise date and hour of deadline will be ineligible; Completeness of the application; Application submitted in English; Only one application per call and per fellow.

more information here

Deadline for the first call: 20 February 2022.