PhD positions on Smart and Green Energy Systems and Business Models, in European joint project - SMARTGYsum (MSCA)

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SMARTGYsum – Smart and Green Energy Systems and Business Models: the project's general objetive is to drive the evolution of European Electric Energy Systems by integrating the knowledge on Power Electronics, Electric Engineering and Information and Communication Technology as well as their socio-economical aspects with the creation of new Businesses Models to cover the green economy energy requirements (sustainability, efficiency, reliability and manageability). SMARTGYsum contributes to long-term structural challenges and also proposes an innovative programme for training ESRs following a collaborative, transferable, inter and multidisciplinary approach, aimed at raising the employability and career opportunities of ESRs within the public and the private sectors, as well as their potential for conducting innovation, entrepreneurship and for impacting in the European society at medium and long-term.

SMARTGYsum will train a new generation of Electric Energy Systems Research and Development professionals for 36 months that will enable the implementation of the Smart Energy vision. The topics to be trained and transferred to the Early Stage Researchers will focus on different technical and socioeconomic aspects that conform Electric Energy Systems and Collaborative Smart Grid, providing an excellent basis to develop their future careers in Power Electronics, Electric Engineering, Material Sciences, Information and Communication Technologies, Data Sciences but also energy capturing of value, value chains, finance & investments, management of energy markets, economical and policy instruments etc. Knowledge and techniques will be offered to Early Stage Researchers through research (in the form of the Individual Research Projects), Doctoral Schools, and Local Courses.

The training received by each Early Stage Researcher will follow a Personal Career Development Plan, updated every three months and agreed with the corresponding supervisor and co-supervisor that will lead to a Doctoral Degree by the academic supervisor. As a result, there will be a Network-Wide Training, common for all the recruited Early Stage Researcher, and an individual training.

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Deadlines vary between 6 December 2021 and 31 January 2022.