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Incoming Master's and PhD scholarships for foreign students to come to Brazil - GCUB-Mob


The International Cooperation Group of Brazilian Universities – GCUB is pleased to announce the GCUB International Mobility Program – GCUB-Mob.

The GCUB International Mobility Program – GCUB-Mob is promoted by GCUB, with the support of Agence International de la Francophonie – AUF, the National Council of State Foundations for Research Support – CONFAP, the National Commission of UNESCO, and the Guimarães Rosa Institute of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil. Other partners are merging into the Programme.

The Program aims to contribute to the development of high academic level students from the five continents, as well as promote university internationalization and strengthening international cooperation between Brazilian universities and institutions of other countries.

More than 875 master’s and doctoral scholarships will be awarded at this edition, in 50 Brazilian universities, whose programs will begin in 2023.

Students may apply from 31 October 2022. Registration will close at 23:59 (BRT) on 13 November 2022.

If you have any questions or need further clarification, please email us at:

No information will be delivered by other means.

Note 1: Candidates, it is highly recommended not to leave the submitting of the applications on the last day, since there may be an overload in the system, preventing the receipt of proposals.

Note 2: Registration is free.

Link to the Call of Application:

Link for the online form:

The students must observe the language requirements of the Graduate Programs for which they apply. The information can be found in the Table of Master’s and Doctoral Degrees in Brazilian Universities.

If you wish to know more about the Brazilian Academic system, you may access this webinar series by the Association of European Researchers in Brazil.

more information about the call here

Deadline: 13 November 2022.

Brazil Incoming Master's PhD Scholarships