Full professor positions at the Bavarian Center for Batterie Technology

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The Bavarian Center for Batterie Technology (BayBatt) is a central research facility of the University of Bayreuth. Battery specific knowledge of our research groups is united within that center in order to obtain a supraregional competence center.

BayBatt serves the interdisciplinary research at the interface of materials science, electro chemistry, engineering, information technology and economics in terms of battery related research and development. Battery systems are treated as interacting and smart system of modules, cells and battery managements systems. Accordingly, mechanic, thermal und electric components are being investigated and developed as well as active materials and functional materials of the cell.

Team BayBatt is looking for five full professors.

1.) Full Professor of Business and Information Systems Engineering and Networked Energy Storage

2.) Full Professor of Cell Design of Electrochemical Energy Storage

3.) Full Professor of Electrode Design of Electrochemical Energy Storage Systems

4.) Full Professor of Polymer Materials for Electrochemical Storage

5.) Full Professor of Technical Chemistry: Sustainability & Material Cycles

We are looking forward to promising applications! Please apply or share the links given above.

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Deadlines: 7 November 2021.