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Curious about how intellectual property (IP) works in Latin America? Discover the Latin America IP SME Helpdesk


The Latin America IP SME Helpdesk is a first-line service to improve the awareness, management, and protection of IP assets held by SMEs in EU and associated COSME countries that operate in – or plan to enter – the Latin American market.

The Helpdesk supports EU SMEs in their interactions with Latin American counterparts, whether commercial, trade or research-related. The team provides expert advice on how to protect and enforce SMEs’ IP when engaging in Latin America countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

The Latin America IP SME Helpdesk is an initiative of the European Commission and it is free of charge.

IP SME Helpdesk for LA


Helpline: First-line advisory services on Intellectual Property protection and enforcement for EU SMEs working or planning to work in Latin America. A team of IP experts provides professional, tailor-made answers to IP-related questions within three working days. All queries are handled in confidentiality.

Training events and webinars: The Latin America IP SME Helpdesk offers on-site and on-line training activities that cover relevant IP topics for EU SMEs and entrepreneurs looking to expand their businesses in Latin America: from basic principles and ideas about the benefits of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) for SMEs to specific tools and procedures for managing them in the region. During and after the live and on-line sessions, participants have the opportunity to direct questions to the IP experts.

IP content: The Helpdesk offers state-of-the-art publications (factsheets, infographics, case studies, videos) on the protection and enforcement of IPR in Latin America specifically addressing IP matters from an SME perspective.

IP diagnostic tool: This tool helps SMEs analyse their level of IP preparedness and knowledge (protection, internationalisation, commercialisation, and practice) as well as identify the relevant aspects on which they may need further information.

IP cost tool: This tool provides EU SMEs with a reliable overview of costs involved with the registration of IP assets in Latin America.

All services are freely accessible.



“It was incredibly useful to learn about the services of the IPR Helpdesk and that the cost of protecting our brand is actually much more affordable than we thought.” Anonymous user.

“Es increíble poder contar con este tipo de apoyo y estupendo que además sea todo gratuito.’ Carmen Fernandéz, Terrain technologies.

“Finding this service is essential to our company because Latin America is a key market.” Kristian Ebbensgard, Biophero.


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This content was produced by the Latin America IP SME Helpdesk for EURAXESS and ENRICH in LAC. It is part of the EURAXESS Worldwide 3rd Quarterly Newsletter (QNL) of 2022.
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