Brazil-Sweden: Scholarships for post-doctorate and sandwich doctorate by the CNPq, MCTI, CISB and Saab Brazil

The Brazilian National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq), the Ministry of Science and Technology of Brazil (MCTI), the Swedish-Brazilian Research and Innovation Centre (CISB) and the Swedish aerospace company Saab Brazil will jointly award up to 7 postdoctoral fellowships and 3 sandwich doctorate fellowships to Brazilian researchers, who will develop their research projects in collaboration with Swedish industry.

Areas of interest:


  • Communication networks
    • Communication and networking solutions for automated / autonomous applications.
  • Autonomous systems
    • Collaboration between manned and unmanned platforms, including decision support and dynamic redesign.
    • Connection with human factors and single pilot cockpit.
    • Operation concepts / Automation levels / On-board intelligence / Autonomy / Sense-and-avoid / Certification.
  • Aeronautic engineering
    • Methodologies for assessing unstable aerodynamics in the transonic regime, and the use of such methodologies in aeroelastic analysis and dynamic load forecasting.
    • Laminar flow; Active technologies for flow control; Sensor and driver network architectures; laminar wing design concepts.
  • Propulsion
    • Heat, cooling and aero-acoustic management.
  • Materials
    • Multifunctional nano-reinforced materials for aeronautical applications.
  • Human performance
    • Including human-machine interface, human factors / air safety / workload / stress / situational awareness / new generation cockpits / crew coordination

more information here (in portuguese)

Deadline: 18 February 2022.