Announcement: the Association of Spanish Scientists in Brazil (ACEBRA) is created!

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A message from ACEBRA's President, Veronica Aran Ponte:

"We are proud to announce the creation of the Association of Spanish Scientists in Brazil (ACEBRA)!  

It is the first association of Spanish researchers and scientists in Brazil. An association created by and for Spanish researchers living and working in Brazil.  

The objectives of the Association are: 

  • To foster communication and exchange of ideas among its members.  
  • Encourage and assist the stay of Spanish researchers in Brazil.  
  • Encourage collaboration between Brazilian and Spanish institutions and researchers. 
  • Encourage networking among members of different associations of Spanish scientists around the world. 

We are the first member of RAICEX (Red de Asociaciones de Investigadores y Científicos Españoles en el Exterior) in South America. 

You can become a member free of charge on our web

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