Two fully-funded PhD scholarships on molecular simulation of polymer nanocomposites in the UK

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We are looking for two enthusiastic students with strong mathematics skills and aptitude for computing. Applicants are expected to have a first-class honours degree (or equivalent) at either Bachelor or Master level in Physics, Physical Chemistry, Materials Science, Chemical Engineering or related disciplines. Proven familiarity and experience with molecular simulation techniques (Molecular Dynamics), molecular simulation software (Gromacs, LAMMPS) and programming is especially welcome.

The two students will be part of the Multiscale Modelling research group of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science of the University of Manchester. They will be supervised by Dr Patti and are expected to have regular (online) meetings with Dr Poree and Dr Brame, from the Physical Sciences Division of the US Army Research Office, our project sponsor. Additionally, the students will have plenty of opportunities to interact with young and established researchers in computational soft matter, colloid and polymer science, molecular simulation and statistical mechanics.

Each student will attend one national (UK) and one international (EU) conference per year. Visits to the US Army research labs and facilities can also be arranged. Additional opportunities for training are offered by the University of Manchester, which is especially committed to supporting the personal and professional development of postgraduate researchers with world-class, award-winning resources. Training programmes consist of development opportunities and courses to ensure timely completion of the PhD degree, the development of transferable skills and increase future employability.

What is funded

The present research project is funded by the US Army Research Office and covers stipend and fees of two three-year PhD studentships.


Three years

Details on application procedure:


Information about the host department can be found at the following link:


Information about Dr Patti's research group and interests can be found at the following link:


Information on US Army Research Laboratory can be found here:


DEADLINE: October 2021


It is open to applicants from the UK or other nationals with Home fee status. Eligibility criteria for Home fee status can be found on the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) website:

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