Tsukuba Conference -- STI contribution to SDGs

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    Tsukuba Conference

The Tsukuba Conference is designed for young researchers, entrepreneurs and other young experts in various fields to share their ideas to enhance a deeper understanding of the future of science and technology, and on the wide range of challenges and solutions that science and technology can generate in relation to the global society.

By bringing together approximately five hundred future leaders from all over the globe to Tsukuba Science City, Tsukuba Conference will provide them a platform to discuss and debate issues, to put together action plans and proposals in the course of their discussions, and to reach out to the global community.

The Tsukuba Conference will take place in the Tsukuba International Congress Center from 2nd to 4th of October, 2019 (https://tsukuba-conference.com/ ).


The main theme of the Tsukuba Conference is regarding how science, technology and innovation (STI) can contribute to solving a wide variety of global social issues. More than 50 sessions in diverse STI fields will be held during the period of the Conference (https://tsukuba-conference.com/program ). Those sessions include the Science Diplomacy session that will be held from 15:30 to 17:00 on Day 1st of the Conference (https://tsukuba-conference.com/sessions/e15c ).

The 1st and 2nd day of the Tsukuba Conference are open only to the invitees, while Day 3rd of the Conference is open to the public. If you would like to participate in Day 1st and/or Day 2nd of the Conference, please register through this website by Thursday 12th September: https://tsukuba-conference.com/registration2019_q28fCZ4wyHjaTHf4rGV7 .

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