Post doctorate SYSTER — methods for the simulation of multi-physics power SYstems in their complex and STochastic EnviRonment, in France

The Nantes Atlantic Electrical Energy Research Institute (IREENA) is located in Saint-Nazaire, France, and organized into three thematic research teams. The research carried out at IREENA focuses on the management, sizing and integration of new energies within applications ranging from decentralized energy production (micro-grid) to transport solutions (aeronautics, automotive, maritime). It is more particularly focused on the implementation and design of power chains integrating new technologies of conversion, production and storage.


This project falls within the framework of recent national and European framework to bring out new sectors around renewable energies and micro-grids. The work that we propose here, by its generic nature, will provide a certain number of answers with regard to the way of apprehending these new applications, in particular by providing methodological elements to take into account more effectively the intermittency of renewable resources in the sizing of complex and multi-physical conversion chains, as well as in the deployment of future electrical networks. Thus, the post-doc who will participate in this project will have the following mission:

-To define a typical application, representative of a potential micro-grid, integrating storage (battery, hydrogen vector), renewable energies (wind, photovoltaic) and a certain number of uses (residential, industrial, mobility, …)

-To set up tools for modeling and simulating the defined multi-physical energy system (electrical, thermal, ageing, etc.) to take into account the couplings between domains. This modeling can be done in Matlab, using modeling tools such as Simulink or Simscape.

-Optimize solutions and their energy management in the presence of environmental uncertainties. For this, original approaches will have to be proposed, in particular in order to try to reduce computation time and ensure good robustness of the design and management with respect to uncertainties in the environment (load profile, production of renewable energies, but also uncertainty on the models themselves)

Main activities

Concretely, the activity that will be carried out by the post-doctoral student can be broken down into four main stages:

-Choice of a typical application case: The first stage of the project will consist in defining an application case, which will serve as a base scenario to evaluate and test the tools and methods developed in this post-doc. This application and its definition may be based on recent work carried out at IREENA on micro-grids and their energy management.

-State of the art of modeling and simulation methods for multi-physical systems: The studies currently being carried out at IREENA relate to the formulation of new simulation approaches, called multi-time scales, and which make it possible to significantly reduce the time simulation when using deterministic duty cycles. The post-doctoral student will first have to take these new tools in hand, and propose possible improvements to integrate directly, or indirectly, the stochastic and uncertain nature of certain data, on the basis of a bibliographic work.

-Modeling and simulation of the energy system integrating uncertainties: The heart of the work will consist in modeling the energy system, taking into account the multi-physical couplings (mainly electrical, mechanical, thermal and aging). On the basis of this modeling, the implementation of optimized simulation tools, in order to reduce the calculation time thanks to the simulation tools developed at IREENA. The integration of uncertainties will then be proposed to ultimately lead to the optimization of sizing and energy management, able of taking into account variability in the data (resource and load) and the considered models.

-In parallel of these studies, the post-doctoral fellow will be responsible for promoting the work carried out through publications in high-impact journals, as well as in national and international conferences.


DEADLINE: 5th June 2022



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