POLONEZ BIS 1 Postdoctoral Fellowships in Poland - call for applications

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120 fully funded postdoctoral positions in Poland to be open for scientists from all over the world under the POLONEZ BIS programme.


POLONEZ BIS, coordinated by the Polish National Science Centre under Marie Skłodowska-Curie COFUND, is a postdoctoral Fellowship Programme addressed to excellent experienced researchers interested in developing their professional skills within the best research institutions in Poland.


Open to candidates of any research background, discipline or nationality, the programme plans to recruit in 3 calls 120 scientists with a PhD degree or equivalent research experience. Selected fellows will be offered 2-year full-time employment contracts to work on projects combining basic research with an international or cross-sectoral secondment phase.


Fellows will be independent in designing their own career development plan and will collaborate with supervisors at an academic or non-academic host institutions of their choice. The programme guarantees successful fellows full-time employment with the monthly allowance of € 4,465 gross and an additional research grant up to € 100 000.


The research component will be complemented by a series of relevant workshops on transferable skills, and an opportunity to engage with international and intersectoral cooperation with enterprise and non-academic sector during short-term secondments.


Electronic proposals will be available in the ZSUN/OSF submission system on 22 September 2022. The deadline for submitting proposals is 15 December 2021 (4:00 p.m. CEST).


Full text of the call announcement


Eligible applicants

There are two major eligibility criteria:

  • Research experience: fellowships will be open to experienced

    researchers, regardless of their age, gender or nationality, who at the

    date of the call launch hold a PhD degree or have at least 4 years of

    documented full-time research experience (including doctoral studies


  • Mobility requirement: applicants must move from any country to

    Poland for the duration of their fellowships and must not have resided

    or carried out their main activity (work, studies, etc.) in Poland for

    more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately before the date of call

    launch. Time spent as part of procedure for obtaining refugee status

    under the Geneva Convention, compulsory national service (such as

    mandatory military service) and/or short stays, such as holidays, are

    not counted towards the 12-month limit.


Before applying

  • In order to determine your eligibility read the POLONEZ BIS terms and conditions, the Guide for Applicants and consult the Frequently Asked Questions on www.polonezbis.eu.
  • Identify a suitable fellowship topic.
  • Select a host institution which would provide the most appropriate

    environment for the research project you intend to propose. In order to

    find it you can register in the POLONEZ BIS Partner Search Tool, browse through the published institutional offers or consult EURAXESS Poland website.

  • Confirm support form a host institution in Poland and your proposed

    mentor. Do not add a host institution or mentor to your proposal if you

    did not discuss your fellowship proposal with him/her and if s/he did

    not explicitly agree to support your application.

  • Contact the Research/Project Office of the selected host institution to find out:
    • if the host institution will be applying for state aid
    • what internal procedures may affect the proposal and project

      performance (costs planned in the project, procedure for acquiring

      signature(s) of authorised representative(s) of the institution to

      confirm submission of the proposal).

POLONEZ BIS has received funding from the European Union’s

Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie

Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement no 945339