Launch of the EURAXESS Japan Grant Proposal Peer-Review Service

This service allows EURAXESS Japan community members to make grant proposal drafts available for reviewing by other researchers, members of the community, in identical or similar research fields.



While administrative or general reviewing systems may be available, at Japanese institutions mostly for Japanese grants such as Kakenhi; and in Europe for schemes such as the MSCA and ERC through the Horizon 2020 National Contact Point (NCP) network --also available from NCP Japan-- it is often useful to have the scientific part of one's proposal reviewed by a researcher in a similar field (to ensure basic understanding of the proposal’s science) but outside of the first circle of the applicant (to avoid bias).

'Applicants' can receive valuable advice on the scientific part of their proposal;

'Reviewers' will indirectly obtain experience in grant writing and, if the application is successful, could valorize their participation in the review process.


Terms & Conditions

EURAXESS only provides this platform in order to facilitate the exchange of advice between EURAXESS Japan community members (researchers) based in Japan. EURAXESS will not take an active part in the data transfer and the exchanges between the applicants and reviewers.

Additional review by Horizon 2020 National Contact Points (NCPs)

Although in many cases, NCPs cannot precisely judge the scientific soundness of a proposal, they can provide extremely valuable input with regards to its structuring, balancing and adressing of the policy issues necessary to succeed in securing a grant.

The use of this peer review service must not replace or delay the resort to NCPs for non-science related reviews of proposals for Horizon 2020 grant programmes. For more information about NCPs, please contact the Horizon 2020 NCP Japan Helpdesk; or browse for a relevant NCP within the list of European NCPs.


How to benefit from this service

Please carefully read the terms and conditions, confidentiality issues, and submission / reviewing procedure on our dedicated webpage:

EURAXESS Japan grant proposal peer-review platform