European Research Nights #6: You the Researcher, the Evaluator, the Decision-maker

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    10/06/2019 - 19:00
    Japan, Tokyo
    10/06/2019 - 21:30
    ACEJapon / EURAXESS Japan

What are the ERNs?

The European Research Nights 2019 (ERN 2019) are evening social events co-organised by EURAXESS Japan and associations of European researchers in Japan. They aim to bring together the European research community currently based in Japan to discuss research, careers and relation to Europe. The ERN 2019 events will be held at regular intervals along the year, with the objective of providing more informal, social opportunities for the European community to interact.

The ERNs are evening events designed to provide local communities with a get-together opportunity, and to discuss specific topics of general interest to researchers of all disciplines, nationalities and career stages. They are social and informal by nature -- all profiles, all questions & discussions welcome!


You the researcher, the evaluator, the decision-maker

Monday 10 June 19:00 ~ 21:30
Embassy of Spain, Tokyo


This edition is co-organised with ACEJapon, the association of Spanish researchers in Japan. It will focus on research evaluation: how are research projects, grants proposals evaluated? How are built research & innovation funding policies? This edition will feature two interactive role-play sessions where participants will have to act as research proposal reviwers in a first step, before receiving theoretical input from the Spanish expert Jesus Rojo Gonzalez (Research Foundation Madri+d), and have a second roleplay session as decision-makers.



Library, Embassy of Spain, Tokyo


18:45 doors open, 19:00 Introduction & Ice-breaking
19:30 Role-play workshop 1: 'You, the evaluator'
20:15 Expert input
20:45 Role-play workshop 2: 'You, the decision-maker'
21:30 Networking & wrap-up

Finger food & light refreshments available,
Please feel free to bring your own food & drinks!

more info and registration here

European Research Nights #6: You the Researcher, the Evaluator, the Decision-maker



    Embassy of Spain